One of the Hardest Things to do…

…is to come up with a witty title.

Last night at Ilana’s party, I managed to finish 70 rows on the front or back (they’re the same) of Eyelet throughout the night. Festivities included playing a hilarious games called Apples to Apples, and watching Clue the movie! Clue was an awesome movie, with three endings!

The yarn I’m using for Eyelet is the Naturelle 8/8 from Elann, in Denim. It’s really nice – soft and sturdy, and the white flecks in it give a sort of tweedy look to the fabric. Plus the price can’t be beat!

Today I worked on a project that I’m doing for the yarn store I work at, Lettuce Knit. It’s a dress by a designer called “Surfer Girl Knits!” (I can’t find a link) and the suggested yarn is Eros. I’m using Blue Heron Yarns’ Confetti. I split for the front and back, and worked the back. Just the fronts (it’s a v-neck) and little sleeves to go. Thank goodness – that 27″ of stockinette in the round was pretty tiresome.

Current Works in Progress
1.) Eyelet Skirt from Knitty, in Naturelle 8/8 – about half of the front finished
2.) Toeless socks, in Mission Falls 1824 cotton – one sock finished, the second on is on the needles
3.) 2x2x3x1 Ribby Cardie from Chicknits, in black Cotton-Ease – a few round of the first sleeve done
4.) Silk Scarf, knit with Mango Moon Recycled Silk

Hm. I *think* that’s all of them. Currently on hold is a top-down raglan in Koigu Kersti (yum!).

1.) Bella Cardigan from White Lies Designs. Got the pattern, yarn is on its way.
2.) A ChicKami or two from Chicknits. Pattern and yarn are ready.
3.) Go-Everywhere cardigan from Stitch ‘n Bitch, with modifications, in black Elann Sonata.

I’ve also got to figure out what to do with the rest of the Sonata cotton from Elann.

Wow, that was a long post! Off to fiddle with my layout.






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