on the fly

my new glasses

New glasses – frameless, fibreglass arms (they’re really flexy!), super cheap at one of the Asian malls (First Markham Place) – only $250! Still getting used to them, but I do like the way they’re really, really clear from the front and almost invisible.

yep, i'm crocheting

I’m crocheting! First crochet project, really. It’s the skirt from the fall Knitscene, in the called-for Silky Wool. I only have four skeins in my stash (and another four of a totally different colour) so I’ll have to pick up some more soon.

Gotta run! I’ve got to go water the garden, eat breakfast, and get downtown to work.






15 responses to “on the fly”

  1. lisa Avatar

    LOVE the glasses! they really look good on you.

  2. Amber Avatar

    I’m looking for similar glasses, so I applaud your excellent taste ;) And what a great color of silky wool!

  3. pixie Avatar

    I am trying to “learn” to crochet I mean like I know how but I tend to have no idea what I am doing or how to read a pattern… so I’ve been reading the happy hooker and I’m going to try to make a toy!

  4. ~Jo~ Avatar

    Terrific glasses and the price! Makes me want to hop on the train and get new frames. LOL! ;)

  5. Janice Avatar

    Those are the “frames” that I’ve been looking at for so long. Maybe I’ll have to look at the Asian malls here in Calif.

  6. MezzoDiva Avatar

    Beautiful – love your new glasses!

  7. Kim U Avatar

    The glasses look great on you!

  8. Caro Avatar

    The glasses are great!

  9. Romi Avatar

    Love the glasses!

  10. Knitting Mistress Avatar

    Love the new glasses! The crochet looks good too!

  11. Anna Avatar

    Those glasses are cool!

    Are you using a particular book or resource to teach you to crochet? I tried to teach myself a couple weeks ago, but failed miserably. I decided to just stick with knitting.

  12. Ursula Avatar

    The glasses are great!!! I’ve been looking for a crocheted skirt pattern, and I looked in Knitscene, Fall 2006 but it isn’t there. Would love to know what issue it’s in.

  13. Melissa Avatar

    I just picked up a hook for the first time recently myself. I’ve done crocheted edging for sweaters before but never an actual totally crocheted project. Just started a really cute cloche, we’ll see how it goes. Great glasses too. Looks good on you!

  14. The Procrastiknitter Avatar

    I LOVE the glasses. I’ve been thinking about getting myself a pair like that.

    As far as the crochet goes, it looks very good! However, I’ll leave the crocheting to you. I have the damnedest time with it. I lovely refer to it as the “work of the devil”. LOL

  15. Vanessa Avatar

    Love love love the glasses. The rectangle shape is great. I too got away from that oval shape and went rectangle. A much sleeker, classier look.
    Good for you!

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