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To distract you all from practically non-existent blogging (after 8 hours of work today I logged a couple at the library…so tired), a discussion question.

Elann is offering Rowan Pure Wool DK on Monday (don’t even think about scooping it from under me!) and I think it would be perfect for Teva Durham’s Short-row Fair Isle sweater. Yes.

I couldn’t find a really good photo of it, but there’s one on whisperingpine.

The question is, of course…what colours? It does look rather nice in the colours it’s shown in, but I’m not personally so hot on purple (it’s a deep purple plus a lavender for the light colour). Choices for the main light and dark colours (used in the actual fair isle bands):

blues (but there isn’t a really good light blue)

And then there’s the contrast colour, the one that’s a camel in the photo – the bands that swirl up the body. I’m really not sure what to do for that, I suppose it depends on the main colours!

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

P.S. Did you remember to set your clocks forward?
P.P.S. Adding 125 calories of pure fat (Udo’s oil, on the advice of my naturopath) to my normal diet, supplemented by a little more sugar than usual = weight gain. Ugh.







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  1. Shannon Avatar

    Oh what a pretty sweater! I think you would actually look really good in the purpley colours, but if you’re not keen, you’re not keen! What about the pinks – like the port and tea rose? And for the contrast colour, why not stick w/ something like a camel or really rich cream as that seems really neutral and will let the colours you choose pop! Good luck choosing!

  2. Aileen Avatar

    I love that fair isle jumper! It’s been on my wishlist too ever since I got the book. I even went so far as to pick up wool for it the last time I was in the States… but I’m a little worried about starting it. I’ve read through the pattern and although it seems really do-able, the fact that it’s not knit in the round worries me. Best of luck, hope you get the yarn you like!

  3. britt Avatar

    I think that blues and browns look good together. So I vote for a combo of those.

  4. aquaknits Avatar

    I’ve had my eye on that sweater forever too! I think greens and browns would be lovely. Maybe the darker gray for the contrast color? Whatever you choose, I can’t wait to see!

  5. jeanne Avatar

    Re: Udo’s oil. Check out http://www.stumptuous.com -> IRON -> EATING -> FAT. Mistress Krista will explain everything and All Will Be Revealed.

  6. Julie Avatar

    so, what did you score this morning on elann? can’t wait to see the work in progress. vicarious knitting through laura.

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