on a Cloud

Pattern: my own
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine in “Cloud”, 9 skeins
Needles: Denise US6
Started: September 6, 2005
Finished: October 3, 2005

Fits pretty well, although on the looser, more casual side than I was aiming for – but I like it! And the neckline is a perfect balance of v-ness and bra coverage. Excellent. Plus, the yarn is sooo soft and lovely. I can probably write up the pattern notes if anyone is interested.

There might be another sweater to model soon, as well!



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23 responses to “on a Cloud”

  1. Julia Avatar

    Beautiful grey sweater…very well-executed! Lovin’ your stuff!

  2. Julia Avatar

    Whoops! meant to ask ya…any comments on the Knitpicks Shine yarn? I’m thinking of using it for a Picovoli (in Magknits) top, and wondering what you (or anyone else) thought of it?

  3. grumperina Avatar

    Wonderful fit! The color looks great on you, and the neckline is perfect. Enjoy!

  4. jacqueline Avatar

    it looks great! the neckline is absolutely perfect. great work!!

  5. Dani Avatar

    Very nice Laura! It looks like a great comfy sweater

  6. Suzanne Avatar

    I love how you did the neckline on Cloud. If you’d share your pattern notes, that would be great. I have a ton of Shine I’m dying to use and this looks like a great candidate.

  7. lynette Avatar

    you’re amazingly fast. you did a great job on your sweater!

  8. Colleen Avatar

    What a great basic sweater. It fits you perfectly!

  9. Allison Avatar

    Wow, fantastic sweater! Can’t wait to see what kind of collar you’re doing on the Autumn-ized Marilyn :)

  10. Esther Avatar

    Perfect staple to any wardrobe! Great job on this sweater – it’s great and it looks wonderful on you.
    I don’t know how you do it – you finish so many projects so beautifully and quickly!!! You must knit as fast as the wind girl! Congrats on more beautiful work.

  11. loopylulu Avatar

    Hi, I think that sweater looks great. I actually am using the Shine in cloud to make katy. I might frog it though, I’m not sure how much I like it. And I really like your blog, you have some beautiful knits.

  12. alison Avatar

    Cloud is a lovely sweater! So is the red one that’s on its way…

  13. Leslie Avatar

    I would love the pattern or notes on Cloud. I just got a sample card for Shine and wow I have to make Cloud. Let us know when you post the pattern or notes.

  14. Jill Avatar

    Laura – cloud looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see the second sweater when it’s done.

  15. Brenda Avatar

    Are you kidding? Of course we want the deets for Cloud. It is lovely. Another success.

  16. Carrie Avatar

    Cloud is beautiful!! I love the color and the shape! And the v-neck really does look perfect.

  17. Julia Avatar

    So cute! I love the scholarly socks above, too.

  18. Keesha Avatar

    Your pattern is great. I really love the v-neck. I, like you have issue with sweaters in the cut especially in the bust area. The sweater provides just the right amount of skin without being too revealing. I await the pattern it is great. I am also sharing the entry with my endowed knitter friends

  19. Bear Knits Avatar

    Cloud looks great! I’d love to see the pattern for this.


  20. Wanda Avatar

    I love the Cloud sweater, so cute and pretty. I love it. If you do put up the pattern, I’d love to try it out. That and Autumn. I liked the cable from Simply Marilyn too, but not the big cowl-like turtleneck on the sweater.

  21. Patty Avatar

    I really like this sweater. The notes for the pattern would be great. I have been looking for a v neck to make.

  22. Kathryn Avatar

    Your sweaters are gorgeous! I’ve been looking for ages for a simple v-neck sweater pattern, as I’m not confident enough yet to devise it myself. I would love you to post the pattern notes!

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