oh no!

So I’m sitting in lecture yesterday, and I go to pull my footie-in-progress out of my bag. This is what I found:

Dammitall! That was one of my favourite needles, too. :( Luckily I had a backup project in my bag (the bamboo tank). But damn.

I’ve finally gotten a good start on the ribbing for sideways spencer:

It’s coming along really nicely! I’ll be done the second sleeve’s ribbing shortly, then I’ll sew up the seams before picking up for the bottom ribbing. I’ve done 4×2 ribbing on the sleeves, not 2×2 as written in the pattern – so, should I do 2×2 or 4×2 ribbing for the bottom of the sweater? The button bands will have to be in 2×2…







4 responses to “oh no!”

  1. Christine Avatar

    ouch, so sorry about your needle! The sweater looks yummy! I think bottom should be 4×2. button band shouldn’t make any difference!

  2. Kristin Avatar

    I’m all for the 4×2 ribbing on the bottom, I love how it blends with the cables! It’s such a sad day when a favorite needle breaks, I’m glad to hear you had a backup!

  3. Vicki Avatar

    Eek! Broken needles suck. I’d go with the 4×2 at the bottom also, it’ll be more uniform.

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