whoa, cables

Started with 376, to be exact – in worsted weight, on 5 mm needles. That’s a 32″ needle, there, with one row of decreases! The yarn is O-wool, in a nice chocolate brown. Want a closeup?

cables closeup

Yum. The pattern is Silver Belle (Rav link) from the Vogue Holiday issue – it was one of the cover patterns that’s free on their website. I hadn’t really considered it until I saw Zebraknits’ version. I think it’ll be really nice!

And all those cables are just plain fun!

8 Responses to “now that’s a lot of stitches!”

  1. Luni

    Yes, the very one I saw that made me put it back on my to-knit list. I knew as soon as I saw your first photo. What other current pattern has cables that go sooo far around? The O-wool is gorgeous, as is your cabling.

  2. Pirpana

    How nice cables ;)Great colours -mmmm chocolate :) It looks great :) Where did you get those orange stitchs markers?

  3. susan

    Hi Laura,
    Beautiful color and pattern! Thanks for the pattern link – I received a bunch of O-wool for Christmas and may make this if I have enough. Thanks!


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