not much knittin’

Yep, it’s true. I hardly have any time to knit because I desperately need to study :( We’ll see how long it is before I go completely batty. I’ve decided that I’m going to the Knitter’s Frolic on Saturday though, so between that and the book launch I should have enough knitting around me – plus I’m not NOT knitting completely, just severely reduced.

Here’s a shot of the Phildar jacket sleeves. One down, one to go. It’s really fast when I can work on it. Suppose I should get moving on this so I can actually wear it – I’m actually re-thinking the fronts though. With such a lightweight yarn is double-breasted really a good idea? Hm. I might just make it into a normal front jacket. Hm.

Meanwhile, I’ve got this (yep, I made it):

to help me deal with this:

See you at the launch tomorrow!



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