There was an article in today’s Globe and Mail about the Knitting Olympics, and megan told them about me:

“One Lettuce Knit regular has tackled a multipatterned, multicoloured Limerick sweater that would typically take an experienced knitter about a month to complete. Ms. Ingman said she is not sure the woman will cross the finish line by tomorrow. “It’s a complicated piece, a real challenge. She’s ambitious.””

Since this was only as of last Tuesday, it certainly was iffy as to whether I would finish. But I’ll do you one day better, megan!

Although it looked like a mess, there actually weren’t very many ends…

After a quick bath…

Plus, the sweater expanded in the wash as I hoped it would – it’s now 35″ (I’m 36″) which is much bigger than it was going in!

Ah, sweet, sweet VICTORY!

Modelled photos to come tomorrow, hopefully to be taken at the Closing Ceremonies party! See you all there!

37 Responses to “not by name, alas”

  1. holly

    wow! So impressive. 6 points (out of 6, is that how skating is scored? pretend it is for now, please) for difficulty, 6 for speed and 6 for sheer wonderfulness.

  2. jody

    beautiful! this has got to be one of the more impressive olympic knits. i can’t wait to see the modeled pics!

  3. Elizabeth

    Congratulations! It’s simply gorgeous.
    I saw it first over at Team Canada. I was going to post mine and then noticed that I was never officially put on the team :(

  4. Amy

    Rock on Girl!!!!! Beautiful job. My olympic project exploded a week in, so I pretty much gave up on the idea of finishing on time. :(

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see it modeled!

  5. Carrie

    Wonderful job! The sweater is absolutely gorgeous and I also love the ultramerino socks from the previous post.

    Congratulations on earning your gold medal!


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