My wrist is aching a bit! And I hardly knit yesterday OR today! Gahhh. Maybe this is the culprit – the not-knit-round scarf (it’s cotton, remember).

I’ve got 6 inches done, out of a total of 17 (and it’s shaped, so it gets narrower than it is now). It is SO MUCH BETTER than the last attempt. But not if it makes me wrist hurt :(

Aaaand for good measure, an “artsy” photo.

I even tried wearing a brace, which I do sometimes to keep my wrist aligned. It still ached. If it’s the fact that the scarf is cotton…well, that blows. I love cotton, and I’ve never had a problem knitting with it. So, I’m going to take the night off (ha, I can use the time to study) and work only with wool (ie. mini-charlotte and my dad’s scarf) for the next couple days.

This sweater by Marnie MacLean is soooo pretty. I want one. I’m not into the fuzzies…but that might be part of the appeal of the sweater. We’ll see. It’s not like I’m going to be getting to it anytime soon!

P.S. Sorry for some crappy photos around here lately. It’s the lack of natural light, plus my very halogen desk lamp. I know I could colour-correct, but that just feels like cheating…you know?






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