new things

The Woolen Rabbit laceweight in chocolate chambord:

almost at the end

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Manzanita:

sneak peek

Fluevog Barkervilles (more comfortable than they look!):

new shoes!

Off to do some necessary shopping in the sunshine!



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11 responses to “new things”

  1. emily Avatar

    Those shoes are fantastic! Where did you find them?

  2. Birgitte Avatar

    Nice shoes! :D

  3. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Ah shopping. The only necessary shopping in my life is yarn and books. Thank goodness for the internet for everything else!

    Hopefully your shopping was a success on all fronts.

  4. Rycrafty Avatar

    Do you wear the shoes with little socks like that and skirts? I’ve been trying to find some good shoes for skirts, that might still allow for socks (feet get really cold at work!), and those look great!

  5. Jan Avatar

    I love Fluvog shoes, and if they weren’t so expensive, I’d own a closetful! I especially love the mary jane shoes they have and I ordered them online a couple of years ago.

    The pink little sweater is eye-catching, and I’m eager to see the finished piece. All your work is so lovely.

  6. Liesl Avatar

    Awesome shoes – thanks for sharing. Just ordered the purple ones! :)

  7. Maryse Avatar

    I was in Toronto this week and thought about your shop! I’ll go for sure next time I go (I have a few business trips planned this coming year)! Definitely love the colors of what you knit!

  8. Mary Avatar

    Ooooh nice shoes! The yarn you have chosen for your projects are lovely. I hope uyou enjoyed you day shopping.

  9. knittingoutloud Avatar

    Just googled Fluevog. Interesting!

  10. Erin Murphy Avatar
    Erin Murphy

    Want. Pink. Sweater. Pattern!

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