New Pattern: Crestline Cardigan

It’s pretty gloomy here today (rain/snow mix? ugh) so I’m combatting the blahs by releasing a new lace cardigan pattern, Crestline!

Crestline Cardigan

I knit this cardigan last summer and wore it on vacation in Vancouver, but the season was already shifting to woolly cabley goodness for fall, so I didn’t release the pattern. I’m glad I held onto it though!

Crestline Cardigan

The backdrop is Pearl Bracelet by Lizzy House – I love her fabrics and since I don’t have a lot of time to sew right now, it was a good way to use it somehow ;)

Crestline Cardigan

Crestline is knit from the top down, seamlessly, with just a few skeins of sock yarn. The lace portion is both written and charted. I can’t wait till it’s actually warm enough to wear it – it’s started snowing just as I’m finishing this post!

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2 responses to “New Pattern: Crestline Cardigan”

  1. shelly Avatar

    This is a gorgeous sweater! What size did you make for yourself? It sometimes makes it easier as a starting point to know the size being modelled. Plus, I wish I were in Vancouver today!

  2. Juie Avatar

    Gorgeous colour, and the design is lovely! The lace at the bottom is great.

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