Kim asked in her latest blog post to see desks without any tidying or styling. Why not? Here’s mine!

my desk, no gloss

– The painting in the corner was a gift from a good friend in high school. I still haven’t had it framed or anything but I’m hoping to finally do that soon!
– I use Yorufukurou for my Twitter desktop client and I love it.
– There is a lot of yarn on my desk.
– My iPad wallpaper is Jake from Adventure Time. He’s the best. Also, I’ve been playing HayDay – the shifty-eyed sheep are great, but beware, this game will take up a lot of time!
– That glass of water should really be on the coaster.

After a bit of a break, I’m back knitting on Sheepcote – I’m on the yoke and it’s coming along nicely, but I only have one skein of yarn left! Will I make it? We’ll see. I might have to change it to a v-neck to use less yarn.


6 Responses to “my desk, no gloss”

  1. Andrea

    Oh, It looks just (not) like my desk, hehe. Oh the mess. You made me look at my mess. Shame on you! :-)

  2. Seanna Lea

    My desk at home is spotless, but I have one of the Ikea desks that with the book shelf, so everything is in the cubbies including my laptop, a sewing machine, a loom and yarn and fabric.

  3. Allison

    Wow–so tidy! I was all pleased about cleaning off my desk, but now I think I need to give it another pass!

  4. Carie

    My desk tidied up doesn’t look that neat! I’m hoping it’s more a storage issue than representative of a cluttered mind.

  5. ellen

    I don’t know what surface space is. I can’t relate to your untidied ;) but I am envious. The sweater looks great in those colors. I really like the pattern, but it’s a bit out of my comfort zone. Maybe one day, lovely design!


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