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I’m work work working away at the store for a bunch of days in a row this and next week. I’ve been taking some of my giant tour de fleece bag, and I actually got quite a lot of spinning done today – I really like the woolee winder we’ve got on a wheel there! I’m still thinking that I won’t actually finish spinning it. Maybe I’ll revise to just spinning all the singles, and not include the plying. Did I mention I didn’t actually official sign up for the tour? Just a personal challenge, really.

(Speaking of spinning, I could use some more students for my drop spindle class at lettuce knit August 7 and 14, 6-8 pm. It’s fun! Call me to sign up – 416 203 9970.)

Anyway! Here’s the other FO that was peeking out from that ponchette photo.

wrap circle skirt

I had a hankering the other day to sew up a wrap skirt, and this is what I produced. I didn’t really use a pattern – I started with a circle skirt and sort of forced it (with scissors) to become a wrap skirt. Then I made a waistband in a roundabout manner, my very first buttonhole on the machine, and a quite uneven hem, and I was done. This is what happens when you sew on the fly! I think the next skirt might be from a pattern.

I’m actually quite pleased with how it looks, at least! I really like the fabric – it’s just cotton from Fabricland, but it’s very light. Too light for a single layer skirt, which is why I went with the wrap. I got lots of compliments on it the other night, too. I know the dressform photos are kind of a cop out, but my old tripod can’t handle the dslr! I’ll figure out a way to take full length self portraits somehow – anyone got any tips?

At any rate, you can see it on me in the second photo from Megan’s shower – I gave megan that log cabin blanket she’s holding, knit from my handspun.

The skirt’s a little big; I need to make a second buttonhole a little further back. But then it’ll be perfect! I’m getting into the sewing swing; I want new clothes but don’t really have much in the clothing budget. Hey! Wait! What about all this fabric I’ve been hoarding forever? Could that become clothes?

waist tie

Now all I have to do is start sewing my own tshirts and I’ll be all set!



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11 responses to “more different FO”

  1. Iris Avatar

    I love the color and the print; like it was meant to become a summer wrap.

  2. victoria Avatar

    Your skirt is lovely. I just bought a really light fabric wrap skirt and its so nice and cool to wear in the summer. Enjoy!

  3. mezzodiva Avatar

    I was mentally drooling over your skirt on Wednesday and meant to tell you how fabulous it looks, then I got distracted by all the baby stuff (clearly I have the attention span of a toddler). I loved the cut of the skirt – it had a lot of movement, but without any excess bulk. And the orientation of the motif is cool – I like that it’s not vertical, as would be typical. it’s a unique piece and it looks great on you! Way to sew!

  4. mezzodiva Avatar

    P.S. After that exquisite handspun handdyed log-cabin blanket you made for Megan came out, I asked Danielle “why am I crying?”. Laura – it’s magnificent. Oops – there I go again.

  5. Anna Avatar

    i really like the circle aspect of the wrap here. it’s very cool–one would never know it was “sewing on the fly.”

  6. Rita Avatar

    The skirt is lovely, wear it proudly. Does Fabricland sell fabrics online? I would love to make a wrap skirt, the heat in this area is becoming unbearable. (Boston) I need some skirts like that, can’t stand to get into pants of any kind.

    Thansk for sharing, Rita

  7. Susannah Avatar

    Ugh I wish I could take part in your spinning class! I have a drop spindle that I’ve been toying around with, trying to learn from youtube videos… Not working out so well. That skirt is great, I wish I could sew without a pattern and get results like that, but my sewing skills are minimal… if that even!

  8. Romi Avatar

    I love the skirt!

  9. rebecca Avatar

    it’s great. you did well without a pattern. i wouldn’t use one next time, either.

  10. Knittripps Avatar

    That looks like a great summer skirt!

    I don’t like to spend much money on new clothes but have no problem buying yarn. ???

  11. Jeanne Avatar

    Pretty skirt! And I wish I had a dial in my belly like your mannequin. I’d dial it down a bit…:)

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