monday is the new sunday

Huh. I suppose my view of “yuck, monday” has been modified by my school/work schedule – today I don’t have a lab, so it was the first day I really slept in (to noon, but it’s more about the attitude – that I don’t have to wake up if I don’t want to) and it felt like Sunday. Tonight I’m going downtown to a friend’s house to “work” on a linguistics assignment (seriously, we need to do the work before we can do anything else).

I’ve considered whether or not I want to blog a lot about the Tartan Jacket. If I blog less about it, there’s less pressure to put up pretty pictures and impress you all with my speediness of knitting. Plus, it’ll be more of a surprise when it’s done. So, a compromise – I’ll write about it, but I won’t put up any pictures. There are lots of other things to blog about knitting-wise, anyway.

Syncopated ribs is sitting in my workbasket, waiting patiently for a collar and cuffs. I finished up the body and even sewed up the sides to the underarm last week, to try the fit – it’s a bit long. But when I wore it for a few minutes, I found I liked the length. At least it won’t be like all those stupidly short sweaters that expose the bottom of the back when any movement occurs. It’s really nice and comfy though, so I’ll finish that up sometime this week.

I cast on for my LoTech on the subway yesterday – as a simple stockinette project done in pieces, I think I’ll keep that one for the on-the-go project for now. No Monk’s Satchel yet.

As for the Tartan Jacket….I’m done the back. And that’s the biggest piece, so hooray! I think I’ll do a sleeve next. I’m going to need to do a serious hard blocking on the pieces, though, to get them to size. I’m a bit nervous about that.

Ciao for now!






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