midterm #1

My internet was being really weird last night, so I couldn’t post – I don’t really have much to say today anyway.

Last night at SnB I worked on my second sleeve, but not very much. When I came home, I managed to get to the first horizontal stripe, which is about 9″ into the sleeve. I’m hoping tonight to come home, get a snack, watch ER and a couple more hours of TV and finish the second sleeve.

Yesterday I bid on two things on eBay – a bag of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino SuperChunky (usually goes for $150 US, my bid was something like $110 CDN) and a big of Rowan Big Wool (around the same bid, but goes for about $220 CDN). I do hope to be outbid, because I really can’t spend all that money. I did get an outbid notice on the DB last night, but nothing on the Big Wool. Well, if I win the Big Wool, I think that’ll be ok. At least it’s not both.

I’ve got a midterm tonight, 6 pm, in “Psychology of Language”. Oy.






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