The photos kind of suck – sorry about that.

But onward! First the dyeing debacle. I wanted to try varigated sock yarn in all one colour, by not stirring the pot with the yarn in it. So I put in some Copenhagen blue and some regular ol’ Blue, and I heated it up, and added my yarn.

This is what I got:

Mostly blue, yes; but with lots of pink spots. It’s even more evident on the other side of the skein…

The dye broke weirdly, eh? I wasn’t expecting that. I figure I’ll probably knit something up, and if I don’t like the colour I can always over-dye the finished project. But now I’ve got these

…so I can finally break out of the primary-colour mode. I’m going to try and pick up a cheap steamer rack tomorrow and try some hand-painting, then steaming in the Crock-pot.

In knitting, I’m up to my eyes knitting these for Beryl!

As a consequence, my personal knitting productivity has taken somewhat of a dive. But I think I’ve achieved some semblance of balance between the two, so I’m almost done the body of the black raglan. I’m hoping to do the sleeves this weekend – I need wool sweaters, man. I actually only have 3 that I wear, and i can’t wear the Must Have *every* day.

I finished the black cashmere scarf and am still working away on the brioche scarf (which I also need badly), but the pictures were crappy. So more on these later.

Back to the books!






3 responses to “mega-update”

  1. Yarn Abuse Avatar

    Yay! Dying fun! And the black raglan is coming along very nicely =)

  2. jae Avatar

    whew. and now I’M exhausted.
    sorry about standing you up the other day.
    my bike accident had me in tears (perhaps megan told you?).
    maybe i’ll come in today post-work.

  3. Annette Avatar

    I’ve done quite a bit of dyeing and I’m sure you have heard this, but just a reminder to not use dishes/cookware that you eat with. I bought a little steamer/pot at Walmart for about $15 and it’s the pot I use all the time for dyeing.

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