long-awaited FOs

At long last!

Supermerino Diamonds Cardigan
Pattern: my own (hope to have it up for sale in the next few weeks)
Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino…I think it was 10 skeins. From lettuce knit.
Needles: Denise US6
Finished: August 5, 2006

After months and months of sitting, this sweater is finally done. I don’t even remember when I started it…I got the yarn at Christmas, but I definitely didn’t cast on for a few months. And then the knitting was done, but I waited and waited to block it. And then there’s the buttons, which I finally put on today. I think I’m in a finishing mood, so more FOs to come soon!

Anyway, I love this sweater. Super, super comfy yarn that feels so good against the skin, and not itchy at ALL. Everything grew during blocking as I knew it would, so it fits perfectly now. A shot of the back, although a bit dark:

Although there’s no shaping in the body, it’s a close fit and hugs well anyway. The sleeves are nice and long, which I like. I can see wearing this a LOT. Plus, I know that Supermerino wears really well too, so not so much worrying about pilling!

Needs a snazzier name, though – suggestions? There may even be a prize involved, or something.

An FO from my garden, also long-awaited:

I harvested a good couple of burgundy beans from my container garden today! They are the most gorgeous, eggplant-y purple. Picked them a bit big, actually, but I haven’t been home much the last few days. There are quite a few more on the plants to pick in the next few days. And they turn green when you cook them! I had them briefly steamed, with my garlic broccoli and tofu tonight. Yum.



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21 responses to “long-awaited FOs”

  1. lynne s of Oz Avatar

    Nice cardi! Isn’t it good to not be itched by wool?
    Your beans look like ones we call Purple King beans. They are one of my favourites cos they are purple and yummy, even though they are beans.
    Happy birthday for earlier in the week – same day as one of my sisters.

  2. Erica B. Avatar

    very cute sweater! I love the diamonds!

  3. Jennifer Avatar

    OOh! How about “Lucy”, as in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?

    Ice Cream at 4AM does funny things to ones brain…

  4. Claudia Avatar

    Fantastic as usual! Let us know when you put the pattern up for sale!!

  5. Leslie Avatar

    I’d call it Espresso. I love that color and it fits you like a dream. I can’t believe there’s no shaping in it! I also love the longish sleeves.

  6. Jess Avatar

    Love the sweater, and I can’t wait until the pattern is up for sale!

  7. Susan Avatar

    It’s a great cardi! Basic, but still a bit ‘fancy’. I’d call it “Best Friend”, since you can wear it often, also playing on the “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” song.

  8. Silvia Avatar

    Very pretty cardie! Great job. Diamonds look good on you.

  9. Sandra Avatar

    Impressive knitting! Great job on that sweater! This one is keeper, ha!

  10. Joan Avatar

    Love the cardigan.

  11. grumperina Avatar

    Lovely, lovely sweater! Sorry, no clever name suggestions. I’m glad to hear that you think Supermerino wears well, I’ll consider it for my next project!

  12. Chris Avatar

    Lovely FO indeed!

    Do burgundy beans taste different than green?

  13. Carey Avatar

    How about Chocolate Diamonds? Or Diamonds ‘n Chocolate? Whatever you call it, it’s fantastic looking!

  14. rose Avatar

    Lovely sweater.

  15. Gina Avatar

    I’m behind on the blog reading! Wow! This sweater looks amazing! Lovely. And I am sorry about the veggie garden carnage. It did look rather gruesome.

  16. Felicia from sweetgeorgia Avatar

    Fabulous!!! Looks fabulous on you! I’ll be looking out for the pattern!

  17. Luckee Avatar

    I usually only wear pullovers but, that is one fantastic cardigan. I would definitely knit and wear that! I’ll keep checking back for the pattern!

  18. Julia Avatar

    Your cardigan is *sweet*! Can’t wait to buy the pattern. =D

  19. Anna Avatar

    Now – there’s – a handknit with style! Genius! It looks great on you!

  20. Wanda Avatar

    I love that cardi, very cute. I would love the pattern for it.

  21. Annarella Avatar

    Your cardi is exquisite!

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