little sweatshop of decorations

I’ve been working away on a bunch of wee things for the holidays.

little sweatshop of decorations

But it’s not all tiny sweaters around here! While looking for scrap yarns to knit them with, I came across a handspun sweater I started ages ago. I’ve decided to pick it back up rather than ripping it, and it’s very pleasing indeed.

long-neglected project

long-neglected project







8 responses to “little sweatshop of decorations”

  1. KarenV Avatar

    Such cute little sweaters. Every year I intend to make a few for my tree, but I never quite get around to.
    The handspun sweater looks like it will be beautiful. The colors are wonderful.

  2. Estella Avatar

    Love these! I’ve had my own mini knitting frenzy too. Done the sweaters, mittens, stockings – but haven’t done a hat! Next on my list – hats! Can you share which pattern you used for your Santa hat?

  3. Kristen Avatar

    Awww, love eensy weensy sweaters. I forget about making ornaments until too late, I think I need to start in the summer!

  4. Maryse Avatar

    Wonderful, a forgotten FO! Nice little Christmas decorations!

  5. Brandi Avatar

    I love the little sweaters. I definitely need to make a few for the tree.

  6. Robyn Avatar

    Hey Laura,

    I just got my very first Xmas tree! I’d love to knit those cute tiny sweaters, hats, etc. can you share the patterns please?

  7. Rita Avatar

    where can I find the patterns for these beautiful miniatures, I particularly love the red hat with the perfect decreases.

    Thank you, Rita

  8. Knittripps Avatar

    What a beautiful handspun sweater!

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