lab report from Hell

That’s what kept me from posting for so long – but it’s done and printed (on scrap paper – it’s for an environmental class) and I don’t have to do except knit. And uh, study for exams.

No photos today, alas; but I have been working on things! Koigu skirt, titbits, a little birthday present for the Other, and I’ve also started Debbie Bliss’ fiery bolero for my mom’s Christmas present. Since it’s black stockinette though, it’s not very exciting – especially the looong purl rows.

I also finally got my hands on a copy of Jess Hutchison’s supercute book, so I’m hoping to start some cool softies soon!

I’ll have more in a day or two – stay warm!







2 responses to “lab report from Hell”

  1. Julia Avatar

    I’m working on some Unusual Toys as well, can’t wait to see yours! …. and everyone else’s, seems like everyones got this book…I have a feeling they’re going to be springing up all over blog land, I can’t wait to see the different varieties!

  2. Sasha Avatar

    Hi there,
    I’m thinking about using Patons Merino for a cabled (DNA) scarf, but I’ve never felt it in person. I see that you used it for a cabled sweater and some other projects- any input on it? The cable definition seems pretty good in your cardigan, right?

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