kinda in the loop

Just a quick note amongst the hardcore crammage: lettuce knit’s holiday/anniversary party has been postponed from this Wednesday to next (the 20th).

This is a great thing for me, because a) perhaps I shall be able to eat wheat and dairy by then (today’s my dairy re-intro day! yay cheese!) and b) I have an exam on Thursday.

back to it.







3 responses to “kinda in the loop”

  1. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    That is a HUGE yay for me coz the boychild’s Winter Concert at school (at which he will NOT be singing the song he did for you last Friday) is this Wednesday. I was trying to think of a way to do both but was coming up empty. Good luck with the exam.

  2. amyknitty Avatar

    NO! i will be on a big boat and i can’t come that day.
    damn damn damn damn.

    i am very sad now.

  3. dennymcmillan Avatar

    sorry I was short on talking the other day. Line ups at the yarn store and such, we got rid of the fridge and stove in the shop . big plus eh? Eat some cheese girl, see ya on the re-bound.Study hard. Cheers.

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