KAL Tutorial: KFBF

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The KFBF increase is, of course, an extension of the KFB (also referred to as kfb, kf&b, kf/b) increase. In a regular kfb, you knit into the front and then back loop of the stitch – this ‘uses up’ one stitch from the previous row, as opposed to an increase worked between stitches like an m1. A kfb results in 2 stitches being created out of 1 stitch from the previous row.

In a KFBF, we’re tripling the number of stitches on the needle – creating 3 stitches out of 1! It requires a little bit of needle acrobatics, but it’s easy to work and doesn’t require yarnovers or multiple rows to increase the stitch count quickly.

Here’s a quick step by step tutorial for the KFBF increase! Click any photo to see a bigger version.


Insert the right needle tip into the stitch knitwise as normal.


Pull the new stitch through, but don’t remove the stitch from the left needle. Try to keep this stitch a little bit looser than normal – it’ll give you more room to maneuver.


Swing the right needle tip around to the back and insert it into the back of the stitch.


Wrap the yarn as normal for a knit stitch.


Pull the new stitch through, but still don’t remove the stitch from the left needle!


Bring the right needle tip to the front and insert it into the front of the stitch again – this step can be a bit tricky especially if you are a tight knitter. Pull the stitch open a little to get the needle tip in if you need to.


Wrap the yarn as normal.


Pull the new stitch through and then you can remove the stitch from the left needle!


Ta-da! You have created 3 stitches out of 1.


I’m a few rows into the ruffle of my JERL and I’m onto the second last colour. I plan to knit the ruffle until I’m nearly out of yarn, which should add perhaps an inch to the length of the ruffle.

How’s your summer neckwear knitting coming along?

Edited to add: I’m using Knitter’s Pride Marblz needles, available at WEBS! Aren’t they awesome? Someone on IG said they look like glow sticks ;)



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3 responses to “KAL Tutorial: KFBF”

  1. Christina Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial, but I was completely distracted by your awesome needles. Would you be so kind to point me in the right direction to purchase a pair for myself?

  2. Kathy Avatar

    Perfect pictures. Thanks.

  3. Irene Avatar

    kfbf makes a very tight edge how do I make it less tight

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