June 20, 2007

I graduated! (I’m feeling a little behind on the whole blogging thing…)


(Also, please ignore my crazy eye in this and following photos.)



It was a bit surreal, but the ceremony was pretty nice and not excessively long, considering the number of graduates – around 600? Anyway, since I know everyone will ask…University of Toronto, Honours Bachelor of Science, double major in biology and linguistics (although that isn’t written anywhere). Yes, that’s a weird combination; no, I don’t want to do anything with it; I’m not currently looking for a grown up job. I got home from work at 9:30 tonight (having left at 9:30 this morning), I think I’m working hard enough for right now!

Anyway, the downside of the work schedule is I work, I come home, I watch House on dvd and knit (new projects! soon) and go to bed. Wake up and repeat. This saturday I’m going glasses shopping, which is mildly exciting and very much needed – also, it’s a good time to get a new pair under the parents’ insurance!

And then there’s all the non-store work (and store work not during store hours) to think about too. Writing patterns and such. Lots of stuff going on. And the garden! Can’t forget that I’m a slave to the garden, which needs to be weeded and watered constantly. Well, the watering more I suppose, since that has to be done every day and the weeding can wait till the weekend.

Anyway. Off to bed, but definitely some knitterly updates this weekend!







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  1. Amanda Avatar

    Congrats on the grad Laura, that must feel so great! Hopefully convocation hall wasn’t too hot.

  2. bee Avatar

    Congratulations on your achievement! I’m sure you must be relieved and your family must be very proud of you! You deserve a break! ;-)

  3. Lauren Avatar

    Congratulations! You and your parents look so happy!

    I’ve knitted Lucy in the Sky and just need to take some pictures. I’ll let you know when they’re up, if you’re interested.

  4. Kat Avatar

    No, linguistics and biology together are actually pretty standard, for some reason. The Guns Germs & Steel guy is that combination, and (ahem) I am that combination. Like engineering and philosophy, or computer science and psychology, they just go hand-in-hand.

  5. Aileen Avatar

    Congratulations!! I always consider it a great achievement to get to the very, very end :D

  6. Siri Avatar

    Congratulations! Phew. I can still remember well how good it felt to be done and graduated, double major, as well, but 16 years ago now. Sweet pic of you and your parents.

  7. Birte Avatar

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, so I thought this was a good opportunity to post a comment :) Congratulations!!!

  8. Trine Avatar

    Congratulations!! Doesn’t it just feel great to have it over and done with?? :D I’m graduating on Wednesday, and I just can’t WAIT… I think I’ll buy yarn for myself as a present for doing so well. ;)

    Have fun starting this new chapter of your life (just to be a little sentimental ;)). It’s gonna be fun!

  9. Dani Avatar

    Congratulations Laura! You now hold a little piece of paper that will help you to get any job you want, and it is something that no one can take away from you!

  10. Andrea Avatar

    Congrats! Enjoy being out of school for a bit.

  11. Lisa Avatar

    OMG – CONGRATS LAURA. What an amazing accomplishment.

  12. Linda in Waterloo Avatar
    Linda in Waterloo

    Congratulations on graduating with a double major. U of T is a daunting undertaking for undergraduate work. My two cents – set yourself up as a business to be able to take advantage of some of the business expense deductions for sample wool or conference expenses kind of thing. And PLEASE start to sell self striping sock yarn – people are mad for that!

  13. Anna Avatar

    Congratulations! It’s wonderful to see hard work pay off!

  14. Beverly Avatar


  15. Kathleen Avatar

    Ack! I can’t believe I didn’t find this out in time to be able to congratulate you in person on Wednesday! Many, MANY felicitations. Isn’t it lovely to be done?

  16. grumperina Avatar

    From one biology-ling double major to another, congratulations!!!

  17. Molly Avatar

    Congratulations! Double major, that’s impressive. And your parents look proud.

  18. jody Avatar

    congratulations! i remember how great it felt to be all done :) enjoy it.

    my 2 cents – i always wished i had taken the summer off (one last hurrah) and started work in sept. it’s so rare to get that much time off at once.

  19. Lise Avatar

    Congratulations on your graduation! Enjoy the extra you gain now that you don’t have to study and write papers and exams. Happy knitting!

  20. Amy Avatar

    That’s wonderful! From one double major with honors knitting nerd to another, congratulations!

  21. Roxanne Avatar

    Congrats on your graduation…fabulous! You look great and your parents look proud.

  22. Luci Avatar

    Laura – Congratulations – you are multi-talented and should be very proud!

  23. Jen Avatar

    Congratulations! What an accomplishment! You totally RAWK. I do want to know though — is your robe actually FURRY? And, no mortarboard? Tell tell about school traditions!

    Enjoy your success — way to go!

  24. Lana Avatar

    Cool! I’m a double major in biology and linguistics, too! Congratulations!

  25. ivete Avatar

    Congratulations! I love your description of a grown up job . . . does that mean mine isn’t either? ;o)

  26. brenda in toronto Avatar

    w00t w00t! Congrats!

  27. Ashley Avatar

    Congratulations Laura!

  28. Ann Avatar


  29. Jo Avatar

    Congratulations from a fellow Linguistics major (UVic ’95)!

  30. Susan P Avatar

    Congratulations Pluto! That’s cosmic.


  31. Monica Avatar

    Congrats! It must feel so nice to graduate!!

  32. Kathy Avatar

    Congratulations! You must be so proud of your accomplishment!

  33. jeanne Avatar

    Congratulations, Laura! What a great accomplishment. (But I’m so glad you’re not going to stop with your knitting designs!) ;D

  34. PaulaRed Avatar

    Congratulations!! I love your website and find it really inspirational. Your double major is about as “wierd” as my son’s–Physics and French (?). He’s not “doing” anything with it either–just trying to enter the real world–good luck. You are so talented you are sure to find your place.

  35. PaulaRed Avatar

    PS What crazy eye?

  36. Robin Avatar

    Congratulations, Laura, on all of your hard work!

  37. Amy Avatar

    Congratulations to you! Your parents look very proud:)

  38. Knittiana Avatar

    Most sincerely congratulations! Enjoy your knitting time!!!

  39. ck Avatar


  40. pamela wynne Avatar

    CONGRATULATIONS!! And a big YAY for “not looking for a grownup job.” :)

  41. jaya Avatar

    Congratulations on graduating! I’m sure you’re much relieved to have school done with :)

  42. Octopus Knits Avatar

    That’s great! Congratulations! Have fun with knitting and your garden (and don’t work too hard) this summer.

  43. Kim U Avatar


  44. Sharon Avatar

    HUGE Congrats!! Sit back and enjoy your summer, chica!

  45. Abbe Avatar

    Congratulations!! What a huge accomplishment. You’re one smart cookie!

  46. RoseM Avatar

    Congratulations! A great accomplishment. Enjoy some “fun” time now. Lots of time later to be a ‘grownup’.

  47. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Congratulations! What a relief. Don’t rush the whole “grown-up job” thing.

  48. Dr. Steph Avatar

    Even though I got to congratulate you in person, I say it again here: Woohoo! Congratulations!

    And welcome to the world of work. If you’re doing something you love, then it ain’t so bad.

    I’m still avoiding growing up about work and I’ll be 37 next week.

  49. Lynn Avatar

    Hey, congratulations! I’m always glad to see another biologist join the fold, even if she throws in a little linguistics now and then, just to spice things up.

  50. Sulafaye Avatar

    Congratulations! That’s fantastic!

  51. Asaknitter Avatar

    Congrats on graduating! New chapter – how exciting. You’re certainly not slacking… phew.

  52. lynette Avatar

    congratulations!!! i’m impressed that you kept up with your studies, spun yarn and designed knit projects.


  53. Kim Avatar

    Congratulations! You’re a bachelor now! Well, a double-bachelor who can study languages about nature. =)

  54. Miss Muffy Avatar

    Congrats! And are you kidding? That first one is a fantastic picture of you!

  55. Deirdre Avatar

    Congratulations, Laura! And the pics of you look great – no funny eyes there!

  56. Robyn Red Bird Avatar
    Robyn Red Bird

    Congratulations Laura! It took me 25 years after graduatiing with my MBA to finally decide what I wanted to do when I grew up and start Red Bird Knits. Glad you are doing things you want to do now instead of waiting. You are much smarter than I was

  57. Connie Avatar

    Congratulations Laura – that’s some degree you’ve got! Amazing!

  58. Erin Avatar

    totally rubbed (rubs) me the wrong way how they don’t put your majors on the degree. I’m a HBA in NOTHING! Why did we take all those stupid requirements!? History of Social Theory WHAT?!

    Congrats fellow U of T Alum! We are smarter than most people lol.

  59. Erin Avatar

    also, you can now look forward to the U of T magazine with shameless pleas for more of your money (ha!)

  60. Bridget Avatar

    And don’t forget the phone calls directly asking for money. Call display is your friend. And even if you go back for a graduate degree at U of T some day, they’ll still have you on the alumni list. Trust me, I know. :)

    Re: the fuzzy hood, does that mean your home college was Victoria College, or is a different one that has the fuzzy hoods? I have fuzzy hood envy!

    My bio-major brother and I tell people that we’re a bio-linguistics team: when he discovers new plant life on distant worlds, I’ll teach him how to talk to them.

    And many, many congratulations.

  61. HildeC Avatar


  62. Bear Knits Avatar

    Congratulations!!! That’s a major milestone!

  63. Rain Avatar

    Delurking to say Congratulations!! The first pic of you is fab!!

  64. Colleen Wendeborn Avatar
    Colleen Wendeborn

    Congratulations on your graduation! I finished my double B.Sc. in 2001, and I remember how proud I was of myself (hey, I did all the work).

    Now I’m in the midst of a Ph.D., but the less said about how that’s going, the better.

    One thing–I saw a colourway, dyed by you, on the Yarn Harlot’s blog. I know you may not be able to duplicate it exactly, but could you come close? Because I would LOVE to make some socks in a colourway like that.

  65. Cambria Avatar

    Congrats! that’s awesome and you should be proud.

  66. seedless grape Avatar

    Congratulations on a huge achievement! Hope you get some well-deserved rest!

  67. Sheila Avatar

    Congratulations! Graduation day is such a great day.

  68. veronica Avatar

    Congratulations! I have the English and Linguistics combo. We knit-linguists need to stick together!

  69. eyeleen Avatar


  70. Lara Avatar


  71. alison Avatar

    Congratulations, Laura! There’s something about the ritual of the actual ceremony that is very cool, isn’t there?

  72. Kelly Avatar

    Congrats Laura! Convocation is a great day — for us admin folks too! We love to celebrate this special day with students and their families.

    However, it just sank in that you will now have more time for knitting and will be more prolific than ever… This is not good news since you already set an impossibly high standard in the productivity department!

  73. Mandy Avatar

    Congratulations, Laura!!

  74. Chanel Avatar

    Congrats on the graduation. It’s always a wonderful moment when you realize that you don’t have to go to another class. I’ve been reading you blog for a while, its great stuff.

  75. Tara Avatar

    Congrats! Freedom and financial burdens await :)

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