it’s shoddy photo day

I’m terribly sorry about the quality of these photos – perhaps my constant headache due to sickness is to blame. I am feeling much better today and managed to stay out of bed, although my throat was killing me. Felt like I’d swallowed a golf ball and it wasn’t going anywhere.


The blue cabled pullover is done, so I can check one pre-Olympic goal off! As I knit the sleeve (which has a diamond cable on it), it was rolling and folding very strangely. Observe:

the sleeve, relaxed.

Actually on my arm, which gives me the hope that it’ll look fine while worn:

Evidence of blocking:

Note that the front neck is, in fact, lower than the back. And yes, I did fix the sweater’s wonkiness after seeing this photo, but back to the neck – I’d originally just done the front and back the same, but after trying it on I decided that the neck was a bit too high in the front, too chokey. So I ripped out the ribbing and a few rows, and did short rows to shape the neck. Much better.

I love getting things in the mail:

Two pounds of blue faced leicester from Copper Moose on eBay. I’m still waiting on some soy silk, though – and I ordered it over two weeks ago!

File under “Extremely Random”: I have a song from Brokeback Mountain, one that is in a commercial, stuck in my head. Makes me want to see the movie again. Guess that means that commercial is doing its job!







8 responses to “it’s shoddy photo day”

  1. Annarella Avatar

    Your cable sweater looks fab – I love the sleeve detail. Dark colours are so difficult to photograph, aren’t they? You’ve done an excellent job :)

  2. moody knitter Avatar
    moody knitter

    Sore throats… You should drink hot totties. Tea with a little honey and some add a dask of whiskey.
    My father-in-law swears by black brandy. Oh does this make us all sound like alcoholics, since we drink when we are sick and when we’re not??
    Anyway, it’s worth a shot. HA! HA! No pun intended!

  3. Chris Avatar

    Hmm, maybe it’s too early to be reading blogs, because that roving looked like a brain when I first saw it!

    Congrats on getting the sweater done! It looks great.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Jill Avatar

    Every time I hear that song I get weepy and I want to see the movie again. And I’m home today sick! But at least I’m getting some homework (and knitting) done. Can’t wait to see modeled pictures of the blue sweater.

  5. Jen Avatar

    Hope to see you tomorrow night!

  6. Lauren Avatar

    The sweater looks great. I really really love it.

  7. Julia Avatar

    Cute!! Love that cable! Your sweater ideas are the best.

  8. Shannon Avatar

    I just finished a top down cardi using your pattern and I love it. Thanks for sharing!

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