It’s Friday

I wish I were on my way to Maryland.

But instead, I’m getting dressed to go to my Last. Exam. Ever. (okay, I won’t say Ever. But definitely the last for a long time!)

Afterwards? Normally I’d treat myself to some yummy Indian food and some Ben&Jerry’s (I wonder if the B&J on Queen has Americone Dream?) but as I’m trying to keep the calories down, I must instead go shopping for some new pants that, you know, fit. And maybe some other fun stuff – like a trip to Lush!

And when I come home, later…I can spin and knit and wash fleece and dye and do whatever the hell I want! It’s crazy, I tells ya!

Wish me luck.






33 responses to “It’s Friday”

  1. ysolda Avatar

    Good luck! I’m looking forward to wednesday evening, can’t wait for the feeling of being done with exams for ever :)

  2. Ashley Avatar

    Good Luck!!! (I am sure you don’t need it!)

    :) Ash

  3. terri Avatar

    Good luck!
    What’s in Americone Dream? Now I’m curious.
    Enjoy your blog, I’ve been following it for some time. I guess it took a mention of ICE CREAM for me to comment. Hmmmm…. I’ll have to think about that.

  4. jenna Avatar

    It’s a weird feeling to NOT have classes and papers and exams and stuff always hanging over your head, but I’m sure you’ll get used to it! :)

  5. Debbie Avatar

    Hi Laura!

    GOOD LUCK on finals! Shopping, spinning, knitting etc = a GREAT weekend!!

  6. sappmama Avatar

    Buena suerte!

  7. Dr. Steph Avatar

    Goog luck and Congratulations!

  8. Jillian Avatar

    Isn’t the feeling of writing your last exam awesome? Congrats!

  9. joy Avatar

    it is weird to be done – for about 2 days. then? it’s the most exciting. thing. ever. (until you get bored and decide you have to go back, that is!) :)

  10. pamela wynne Avatar

    YES!! You show that exam who’s boss! Then do the same for the ice cream.

  11. Wannietta Avatar

    Good luck – and enjoy your reward(s)!!

  12. Natalie Avatar

    good luck good luck good luck!

  13. alice Avatar

    Lush is a great way to treat on a diet! I swear some of that stuff works as well as chocolate (I think there was some study about making women use chocolate smelling soap and it made them LESS likely to crave sweets)

    good luck with the exam!

  14. elise Avatar

    congratulations! very exciting to be ‘done’.

    i am a big fan of the solid shampoo by Lush. wish they had more stores though.

    good luck!

  15. Jamisen Avatar

    Good luck on your exams! Being done is a wonderful wonderful feeling.

  16. Gena Avatar

    Yea! Congrats on the last exam…I remember what a great day that was for me. Enjoy your new found free time!

  17. Nadia Lewis Avatar


    I wish I were going to a S&W as well. But I have half a tub of B&J in the freezer, so I’ll join your ice cream party instead.

  18. Alice Avatar

    Congratulations on surviving your 4 years of college. Something to be proud of! We are expecting lots of FO photos this summer.

  19. Knitt Avatar

    Well sure: Good Luck and congratulations. Hope your spinning goes well afterwards :)

  20. Emily H. Avatar

    Congrats on exams. Americone Dream is amazing and you gotta love the fact the Steven Colbert got his own flavor. The label cracks me up.

  21. Romi Avatar

    Wooooo Hooooooo! All the best of luck to you. :)

  22. Marianne Avatar

    I visit your blog from time to time and thought this was a perfect moment to leave a comment. Good luck on your exams !
    Planning on making Serrano btw.

  23. Phoe Avatar

    Good luck and congrats!

  24. hpny knits Avatar

    hope it went well! the after craft party sounds great!

  25. Sherri Avatar

    Good luck Laura – I thought I’d written my last exam 20 years ago – that was before I decided to go back to school not once, but twice!

    Fingers crossed and sending you “smart” vibes.

    Celebrate with a bit of new fleece why don’t you!

  26. Suzanne Avatar

    Congratulations! I said the same thing after my last college exam. And then I went to grad school, and law school, and took the Bar…
    Enjoy it while it lasts!

  27. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    So? How does it feel today? And what did you do to celebrate last night?

  28. rachel Avatar

    I hope the exam went well and you are now basking in your free time. Enjoy the crafting!

  29. alison Avatar

    It’s Saturday, so you’re done! Congratulations!

  30. gray la gran Avatar

    i’m wishing you luck! i hope i’m not too late … my schedule doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the world.

  31. Oksana Avatar

    Ooh, Americone Dream is really tasty! (Leave it up to Steven Colbert to endorse a Ben&Jerry’s flavor!)
    ‘Hope your exam wasn’t too bad; I can sympathise completely.
    And…I’ve just started reading your blog, so hello!!

  32. Kirstin Avatar

    I’ve noticed a big crossover between people who love LUSH and knitters. Do you think that is because knitters appreciate all of the process that goes into making LUSH products (like cracking open coconuts)? Or is it because we’re all really into our hands?

  33. carlene Avatar

    Best of luck on your exams (you’ll ace ’em) and Congratulations! You should knit yourself a modular mortarboard cozy.

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