it’s a miracle!

I just Eucalan-d and laid out to block a whole bunch of Christmas stuff, plus my ribby. I soaked everything for a good long time (>30 minutes) in the machine with quite a bit of Eucalan, a few teaspons at least. When I took out my ribby, I was AMAZED. I mean, I know the power of Eucalan – I can wear my Manos legwarmers because of it. But still, I was ASTONISHED at how soft it was! And all my other stuff is uber-soft now too. The Patons Classic, especially. I just had to share.

In other news, I feel so guilty for not doing any schoolwork yesterday or today. I WILL study after I get home from SnB tonight. Pinky-swear.

…I’ll put up some pictures later, too.






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