it’s a gift!

I’ve been knitting some adorable booties. For a GIFT! Not for me! Don’t get any ideas!

bootie (for a gift)

Pattern is Stephanie’s Cutest Booties, in Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply, which is one of those really round multi-plied machine washable wools. So soft!

bootie (for a gift)

It took me a few tries to get going on the first one, actually. I cast on with a regular long-tail CO and got nearly done the cuff before I changed my mind and ripped it out. Tried a few more different cast ons before settling on a long-tail CO, with the yarn doubled for a firm edge, and then I began the garter stitch on a purl round.

bootie (for a gift)

So cute! The only downside is that I must keep my coffee/tea/food far away from my knitting, lest I spill something not-white on them. Now where are my pompom makers?

Pile of finished sweater pieces! Blocking and seaming imminent. #knitting #knitdesign

I finished the pieces of a sweater I’ve been working on for rather too long – feels good to have finally made some progress! Needs seaming, collar, blocking, all those fun things.

top down rios

Of course, I started yet another project – this is Malabrigo Rios in Jupiter. Haven’t done worsted weight top down in awhile and it’s good fun! I’ve been slowly thinking of revamping some older patterns, and this is the Top Down Shoulder Warmer. It definitely needs some new photos, and along with that will come my updated pattern format and lots of extra notes and tips.

I haven’t decided whether to reformat ALLL my older patterns, but the Ravelry/Loveknitting EU sales integration did push me to do a few already. Castlegar, Fred+Ginger, and Tephra have all been updated and are now available to the EU through Ravelry and Loveknitting.

pretty mecha

I guess I’m pretty into purple right now (as well as bulkier knits!) but I’m trying not to cast on with this awesome yarn just yet!



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