it is finals week

And I am stressed.

I keep wanting to post, but don’t have time to take photos in the morning, knitting is more slogging along than interesting, internet = slow, etc. And it probably isn’t going to get better…until the 14th! I have a big paper due on Monday, and exams on Tuesday and Thursday. Then I’m dooooone for the term and will not think about school one bit. Not a bit.

In the meanwhile, an update on what I am knitting – the grey cabled cardi from Vogue has one-half of a collar (terribly sorry for the blurry):

I ended up picking up far fewer stitches than the pattern called for, and had to adjust the short row shaping accordingly. Plus, the pattern has each side fold under for a doubled collar and buttonband, which I think would just be too darn heavy – so I just knit half the depth that it asked for. I’m fairly certain that it’s going to be fine. I really want to get this sweater done to wear, because I really want a new sweater!

The log cabin is pretty much done – it’s off the needles, just need to do a bit of a border and weave in some ends. Completion is near, maybe. What else am I working on? Socks, a black alpaca sweater, a sweater out of the Briar Rose Tuscany I got in Rhinebeck, a shop sample, a sweater with a deadline I’m kind of sailing past…

and what do I want to do? I bought some DB alpaca silk off Elann last week and I really want to cast on a top-down sweater – I keep thinking it’ll be a super fast sweater, but that’s only if I actually work on it! Need it for the warmth though! Brrrr!

I also bought some Fibre Company Terra from work today for the scarf/bonnet in Knit 2 Together – I desperately need a hat, and most hats look really stupid on me. I’m thinking the bonnet might be just the ticket. Plus I’ve wanted to use the Terra forever and it’s a great small project for it, I think.

For those interested – I’m currently on week three of the elimination diet and I’m getting really sick of it. Plus, my skin improved last week but seems to not be doing so great this week. Monday I get to eat lots of dairy and see if I have a reaction, and then I also get to try wheat a few days after that. Then it’s back to the naturopath again. I’ve found a really good rice bread, and a great sugar-free blueberry jam, so I’m doing ok but really? I want a bowl of pasta with tomato sauce and cheese.

One more thing, a sadder note to lettuce knit-ers: Brad the cat has passed away. I may have been allergic to him, but sniffle anyway. Everyone knew him.



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4 responses to “it is finals week”

  1. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    Oh, poor Brad. Well, poor Megan really. Brad had it pretty good as a yarn store cat the last while.

    Keep breathing, darlin’. Almost done. As for me, I’m off to laugh my arse off at the idea that You ‘need’ another sweater to keep warm. Like the eleventy hundred you’ve already knit this year won’t do it. pfft.

  2. gleek Avatar

    poor kitty :( i’m allergic to cats too. it’s hard because i love them so.

    i’m loving the cabled knit from vogue! i think that i missed it one of your earlier posts. what issue is it from?

  3. not an artist Avatar

    Oh sad, Brad was such a great yarn store cat. RIP Brad.

  4. lisa Avatar

    Laura, love the sweater from Vogue knitting – which issue is it from?

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