Well, not much new going on around here. The socks are progressing – I’m just about to start the heel, which should be interesting. The vest is past the armhole bindoff and I’m about halfway up the armhole. Retro-prep has yet to be started, but I’ve decided on a few modifications to make to it. Oh, and I bought some new buttons for the Must Have, which should work. Then I can wear it tomorrow!

I flipped through the new Vogue Knitting at Shoppers today and was underwhelmed as usual. I just don’t really find things that I’d want to knit in that magazine. I really love Interweave, and what I’ve seen of Rebecca and Phildar. Unfortunately the pattern translations tend to suck, which is not so good.

One more thing in this rather short post – I really don’t know what to do with the 20 skeins of Highland Chunky from Elann that I bought a few weeks ago! Any ideas?






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