is this what I get for trying to rush?

So. My new Lucy was coming right along – got up to the yoke on the weekend. Pretty!

lucy is alllmost done

The yarn is Dream in Color Classy in Black Parade, and I did a slightly lengthened version with just 4 skeins! Motoring along, wanted to get it done early this week so I could give it a good washing and find some buttons (I’m thinking some little pewter ones we have at the store).


Pretty pretty texture. I finished the yoke, with a slightly different neckband treatment this time (more on that with the FO post) and went to graft the underarm.

uh oh!

Um, notice anything? I didn’t put enough stitches on hold for the sleeve gusset! Crap. I did notice that the number of stitches was off once I got up to near the top of the yoke (and there were a lot fewer stitches) but I kind of ignored it and kept going. And this is why.

But, since I’m REALLY not about to reknit the entire yoke, I fudged the grafting and it’s blocking now. We’ll see once it’s dry and I can put it on whether I decide to do something crazy.

Nah. I really won’t rip out the yoke. So near-FO it is!







17 responses to “is this what I get for trying to rush?”

  1. Wanett Avatar

    That color is so beautiful, the texture shows up so well. Can’t wait to see the FO photos.

  2. Renee Avatar

    Great colorway, and it’s so great for experienced knitters to show that we can screw up this kind of stuff too!

  3. Guro Avatar

    That’s the prettiest “black” I’ve seen in a long time. Absolutely understand you’re not going to frog the yoke! It will probably fin nicely anyway. If you had not told us about this, no one would have been able to notice… Looking forward to the fo-post.

  4. jaya Avatar

    That sweater is absolutely gorgeous Laura! I really like how the classy worked out for it.

  5. Liz U. Avatar

    Ohhhhh…. shiny. I LOVE Lucy in the black. I may have to play copycat and do that myself.

  6. Ana Avatar

    Wow! What an amazing work! The yarn is beautiful but the pattern is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the FO!

  7. EtSu Avatar

    Great colour and it shows the pattern motif really well!

  8. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Wow, that is gorgeous! I could possibly afford 4 skeins of the DIC:Classy, which really does enhance your design nicely!

  9. Wendolene Avatar

    Good save! I don’t think I could’ve brought myself to rip the yoke out either–the rest of the sweater looks perfect!

  10. Laura Avatar

    That stitch pattern really looks great with the yarn color you chose. Beautiful!

  11. Jennifer Avatar

    It’s gorgeous. I bet you fudged it perfectly. Plus on an underarm, it won’t be noticeable, right? Great FO.

  12. mai Avatar

    well it looks gorgeous anyway!

  13. Josdy Avatar

    Nice save! I hate when I do things like that – I had to rip back the sleeves of my Ariann twice when I forgot to stop Yo’ing! I didn’t learn the first time – doh!

  14. Jennie Avatar

    What a beautiful color! Fudging and all, I think it looks fab!

  15. gleek Avatar

    oooh, that is going to be one lovely sweater!

  16. Tanya Avatar

    I LOVE that color!

  17. Rockymoreno Avatar

    Gosh I wish I would’ve seen this earlier, I’ll have to make it now, so pretty!

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