is it monday?

Sure feels like Monday to me, since it was my first day of classes for the week and I had 5 hours straight from 12-5 today. I’m tired. Tomorrow I have my first quiz of the year, in syntax.

I’m too tired to take pictures, import them, resize and make thumbnails, upload, and write the code, so…there aren’t any. Not that there’s much going on. At any rate, I’m up to about 13″ on the zigzag bag (aiming for 15 inches from three balls of yarn – I think I’m going to make it). For some reason, I think the colours in the first ball are lighter/more muted than those of the second and third balls. I didn’t check, but maybe *gasp* they were different dyelots! I want to get up to the strap split tonight, so I can work on the strap tomorrow night at SnB. I won’t get there until about 9:10 or so, but there will still be people there, right?

I’ve taken my scrappy armwarmers off my WIPs list on the left – that’s what I was working on in the photo. I took my second armwarmer to work on that day since I knew I’d need something mindless to work on, and hey, dpn’s look impressive! Anyway, I finished the second armwarm, compared it to the first…and realized that I had knit a tube in 2×2 rib whereas the first one was 2×1 rib! Argh! I will be making some more armwarmers soon, but not those particular ones…I can’t decide whether I want to make a hat or armwarmers out of this one skein of black Cotton-Ease that I have. I’d wear armwarmers more probably, but I like the idea of a nice ribbed hat. Oh well, we shall see.

I need to knit myself a few little cases – an iPod case and a little case for my pens. Hooray for scraps!

Last night I realized that I didn’t have something small to toss into my bag for the school day, so I started to knit a scarf out of this “Cashmere Luxury Chunky” that I bought from AC Moore on my trip. I started this scarf from Chicknits, but I didn’t like the way it was turning out so I frogged. I looked through a few books and I still can’t decide whether I want to do a lacy scarf – something like an allover faggot lace pattern – or a little stockinette keyhole scarf. I’ve only got 210 yards – what do y’all think?






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