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Here’s a pic of the Lotech sweat from Chicknits, which I’ve been working on basically just in classes.

Just a front to go. I’m dropping the hood entirely, and I might not do the pockets – we’ll see about that. I might not even do the buttons. Why? Because I’m tired of this project. It is good for getting something done in lecture, though. I’m going to try and sew up what I’ve got this weekend, then finish that other front next week and do the button bands.

I got a bit done on Cozy last night at SnB –

Sorry about the blurriness, it’s the best one I took. I had stupidly forgotten the pattern, and the little chart I drew up from my mind looked ok but didn’t work out. But surprisingly, when I ripped back, I was able to figure out how the pattern was supposed to go. Now I don’t need to refer to anything! Excellent.

The red and black sweater is progressing, I think it’ll work out this time. Thanks for your suggestions, Sally – and you don’t need a blog to comment here! Not Cashmere has been unceremoniously shoved aside so I can finish the wool sweater before it gets warmer. I’m actually thinking about making another Retro-prep with my leftover assorted wools – different colours of highland wool, some patons. Blue and grey striped sweater? Maybe.

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