in which she uses swears

My street is off a major street. In order to get to my street from the bus stop, you can either jaywalk (I almost wrote ‘jaywalker’, ha) or go slightly past my street to get to a crosswalk with a light – it’s not an intersection, but has a traffic light (it’s outside a public school). You have to hit the button to make the light change, or it’ll just stay green.

So today I hit the button and waited, and the light turned yellow. A few cars went through the yellow. Then the light turned red, and some stupid fuck accelerated through it. Now I’m usually a pretty passive person, and I don’t like to provoke or make gestures to stupid drivers (even if I want to; I’m usually too slow anyway). This time, though, I gave him the finger and the “what the hell” arms-splayed thing. I crossed the street.

Then what? He turns around, comes up beside me on my street, and yells various things at me through the window over his vapidly-smiling girlfriend (or whatever) in the passenger seat. Yeah, riding through a public school crosswalk in your slightly souped-up blue Honda in the suburbs is really gangsta. Motherfucker.

At any rate, I’m glad it was nothing more than that – at least I didn’t really worry that he was going to actually come after me, or have a gun or something. Still. Some people are so stupid it astonishes me.

Anyway. Bigger and brighter things? Okay, not that bright due to nighttime lighting, but I finished a pair of Trekking socks. They’ve got a pretty short cuff compared to what I usually do, which leaves them looking a bit funny when flat:

But they’re good on the feet!

How about some pretty yarn? I just finished plying up some plain white merino, hopefully for a sweater! Each skein is 4 oz – the two on the left have been washed and are 360 yards each; the two on the right haven’t been washed yet. Haven’t figured out the yardage, either. I hope it’s enough…although maybe I should do up one more skein just to be sure. This has been a long term spinning project, so I’m happy to free up my bobbins!

Getting long here, so I’ll save some for tomorrow. I might be sleepy though – I’m getting up early (for me, at least) to go to St. Lawrence Market. Mmmm, yummies.






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  1. nicole Avatar

    So, he was in such a hurry that he ran a light, but not such a hurry that he couldn’t whip around to come back and yell at you? Dude needs to get a grip. Sorry you had that scary moment. You were well within your rights to yell at him and flip him off!

  2. Brigitte Avatar

    Amazes me how some people are… He probably has a small…bobbin. You know, can’t show him up in front of his girlfriend! Glad you’re OK!

  3. Dave Avatar

    The Trekking socks are beautiful … I love the colours.

  4. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    Oooo, all the swearing. I feel like I’m seeing a whole new side of you. I like it. :o)

  5. Lily Avatar

    Wow, I echo what Nicole said! That sounds pretty scary. I live in a town where the drivers seem to vie with each other to be as inconsiderate and rude as possible (I mean, I thought you were supposed to stop for pedestrians, but that must be outdated!), but I’ve never had the guts to react to them- there are some crazy, crazy people in my area. At any rate, I hope you gave him what for!

    In pleasanter subjects, the socks are excellent- they look so cozy, and remind me of a crackling fire in a country cottage on a foggy day. Now I need to get me some trekking ;)

  6. Susan Avatar

    Recently a man flipped off a driver in New Orleans–he and his wife were walking late at night and the driver almost hit them. Apparently, that driver was a real gansta, because he drove back and killed the man. You never know what someone will do…
    I am coveting your merino. It looks lovely.

  7. holly Avatar

    Sounds like he deserves the vacuous girlfriend. I am repeatedly astonished by people who get upset at others for their own errors. But, as a frequent pedestrian in one of the worst cities in the U.S. to be a pedestrian, I am not surprised. Have fun at the festival!

  8. Julia Avatar

    Awww man, I hate conflict. Today I was walking through the neighborhood with my mom when two dogs lunged at us and barked furiously through a truck window. We kind of yelped, then laughed, then mumbled about people’s stupid dogs. The woman outside started yelling down the street at us. Things like “What’s your problem?!” “Why don’t you ladies come back down here and I’ll cool you off?!” (she was watering her lawn). Some people really get off on looking for a fight, even though they’re the idiots for training their dogs to be mean (or running red lights by schools). Sheesh. Pretty socks though! =)

  9. Chris Avatar

    Yikes. I hate creeps like that, who do something wrong and then get evil when called on it.

    The Trekking socks turned out great – that’s my favorite height for socks, actually. And your handspun is stunning!!

  10. Lolly Avatar

    Yikes! what a situation. Glad you are okay – and yes, people are so stupid sometimes…

    I am working up that same Trekking colorway right now – I just love the variegations in it, so I am happy to see a completed version. Of course, each skein is so different, mine may look completely different! Anyway, they came out very well! :)

  11. Wannietta Avatar

    Don’t even get me started on dumb-ass drivers! I have to hold back a bit when I’m in my bus, but I let it fly when I’m in my personal vehicles or am a pedestrian. What I really need is a megaphone & some sort of amp, yeah, that’s what I need. hee hee

    The white merino is making me sin – I am coveting. Deeply coveting. I can’t wait to see what it wants to become!!

  12. Sherri Avatar

    Glad you’re alright!! My hubby got hit by a car in the school crosswalk right after dropping our daughter off at school when HE had the green to go and the little walkie guy ….. take care!!

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