Catchy title, no?

I got a schmancy new spindle on Wednesday from Hound Design, a “lace” made of mahogany. It’s nifty – I’ve been spinning quite a bit thinner on it as well as on the Ashford (now that I’m getting the drafting thing a little better).

Cotton cardigan? Black blob. Both sleeves are done, working on the body, then shall join for neverending yoke rows. Oh, and I ordered some banana cream cotton-ease online (someone actually emailed me to let me know they were selling off stock – isn’t that nice?).

New project – the wave skirt from the spring IK. I’ve done it before, for the store, but I think I might just do one colour for this one. And I made up a size between the two sizes – I didn’t plan very well, so I’m not sure if it’s going to work for the feather and fan, but we’ll see. For now? Red blob.

The elbow thing? Yeah…..I *might* be overdoing it on the knitting. Maybe. (Probably.) My elbow is sore when I bend it so my hand goes up to and/or past my face (doesn’t hurt in any other position). Probably a combination of knitting computer (studying=typing. i blame the studying). I’m going to try and take it easy on the knitting, and change the way I sit or how far away from my body I hold my needles, etc., and see if it helps. Any advice? I don’t want some some debilitating injury to develop!






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