I went to Columbus, and I ate ice cream

I skipped going to TNNA last year because I had just come home from my epic UK trip, but nothing got in my way this year! Yes, I go to talk to yarn companies and see what’s new in the industry, but really I just go to catch up with my internet friends in real life, shop, and eat a lot of Jeni’s splended ice cream. I didn’t even take my camera this year, so these are all somewhat crappy iphone shots.

I didn’t have a booth, so I was pretty free to roam around. I got some great yarns, and I found a few things I was looking for! It’s always an inspiring trip, and like everyone else, I’m now overflowing with ideas that my hands aren’t fast enough to knit up.

Jeni’s – I went 5 times in three days, but I only took one photo:


That’s juniper & lemon curd on top, and hiding underneath is brown butter almond brittle. It’s a good thing I don’t live within even shipping distance of Jeni’s, because it would be rather dangerous. I am, however, about to dive into the world of the Jeni’s cookbook, so…I’d better start working out more.

Cute blurry friends.

blurry friends

Epic baby cuteness.

epic cuteness

Comfest – screwed up people’s phone signals due to sheer volume, and there were SO MANY PEOPLE out on the streets. I took a short walk through and saw a Jeni’s truck, many fried foods, music stages, and a lot of people drinking in the park. I think that’s pretty much the spirit of it.


Such a great time. I love TNNA, and I hope I can make it out to the winter show in California in January!

First up on my needles from the show is some awesome chainette linen from Shibui – I am very excited about it.

shibui linen



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5 responses to “I went to Columbus, and I ate ice cream”

  1. Dani Avatar

    Ahhhh, is that why my phone wouldn’t work?

    It was great to see you Laura – next time I will send you a note before hand so we can meet up and hang out more

  2. Melanie Avatar

    That linen look lovely! I can’t wait to see what it becomes.

  3. brandi Avatar

    What a great gathering and what fun:)

  4. Jody Avatar

    OK so you teased us with pics of yummy ice cream, cute babies and pink yarn.

    Did you see any interesting new trends?

  5. norma Avatar

    We live in Grandview – right near a Jeni’s – and we never go there. I have never understood why people swoon over it so. Now…Graeter’s… that’s some REALLY good ice cream eating! Black Raspberry Chip, Mocha Chip, Peach, Cinnamon…and on and on. And if you ever make it down to Cincinnati, they have bakeries in the original shops. And they sell the most wonderfully rich chocolates. Mmmmmmmm.

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