I sew, sometimes

half-circle skirt

I finished sewed this skirt a few weeks ago, and I love it quite a lot – I used an olivey green cotton with a subtle grid pattern on it from Cia’s Palette, 2 yards. I’d originally bought the fabric to make pj pants, but this is way better!

I didn’t have enough fabric to make a full circle skirt (my fave) but I did have enough to make a half-circle. I didn’t really use a pattern, just folded the fabric in half and cut a quarter circle with a cutout for the waist. I also wanted to try my hand at pockets, so I made in-seam ones – they turned out to be a little small, but acceptable. I’ll make them bigger next time.

I used and elastic waistband for comfor, and that was that! Probably about two hours in total, and that was a bit long since I spent a good amount of time fiddling with the pockets.

Also, an important note: there is a rather important errata for Callie, which I just found out about – I’ve got to get off to work now, unfortunately, but I will email new copies of the pattern to everyone who’s purchased it, tonight, as well as posting the errata here. It has to do with the full bust stitch count and placing the markers for the shaping, so if you’re still on the yoke, you’ll be fine for awhile!

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5 responses to “I sew, sometimes”

  1. adrienne Avatar

    Very cute skirt!!!

  2. Liz Avatar

    Cute skirt! How does it look while you are on the skateboard? ;)

  3. gray la gran Avatar

    seeing your skirt reminds me that i need to sew some too! i’m a big fan of the 1/2 circle skirt as well. i just turn the hems under and put in a zipper.
    with this heat, one cannot have enough cotton skirts!

  4. Bettym Avatar

    Love the skirt and your crocheted one also. May I ask about your shoes in the pic? I am on my feet all day and those look cute and comfy. Are they? What are they? THANKS!

  5. Julia Avatar

    I love your skirt! Very beautiful color. I like the half circle with fewer folds…it’s so light.

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