…for I am on YouTube.

(That’s me in the urban aran, knitting in the store along with Alexis.)

18 Responses to “I have my infamy…”

  1. Navi

    I think this is my first comment in your blog but I have to say it, you knit wicked fast! I can see now how you can finish entire sweaters in a week.

    Now that I’m here I’d like to say that I love your blog!

  2. Anne

    It was a moment of realisation – I am a true knitblog-geek – I was watching the video and suddenly thought “That’s Laura!” I’ve never met you, all I’ve done is left you the very occasional comment on your blog, but it appears I know my Toronto knitters. (And I recognised Lettuce Knit too…)

  3. Jo

    This is so funny! Someone forwarded this to me two days ago and I thought the girl was you but didn’t know for sure!

  4. Mary

    You do knit rather fast! Wow.

    If you know the movie people though, see if they can fix the “title” page…unless they are a group of “sudents” instead of “students.”

    To each their own.

  5. Roxanne

    I noticed you there too…and wow, you’re quick with the knitting!! Congrats on the fame…I thought it was cute they put Lettuce Knit in there too.

  6. Makenzie

    That is the funniest video… because it is so true! and oh my gracious you DO knit extremely fast. and i just wanted to let you know that i LOVE the thermal pattern and i’m going to start it soon! Thanks so much!

  7. elise

    ha. i just watched that video for the first time the other day. fast-forwarded through it again to see your cameo. holy cow, you’re a fast knitter!

    i feel some sort of strange affinity for the crochet girl in the video. maybe it’s the brown hoodie; i never take mine off…

  8. Susan

    Yep, I recognized you, but I’m glad you confirmed it. Ha! a lot of other people recognized you, too. Count the seconds during which you appear and deduct it from your alloted 15 minutes of fame!
    The power of the internet is such that I recognize you, whom I’ve never met, in an internet video, but fail to recognize my own cousin when I see her in the grocery…

  9. RoseM

    “Cavemen didn’t need lace or doilies”

    LOL – that is so funny. And like the others here, now I see why and how you finish so many goregous items so fast — and read while you’re knitting.

  10. Hanna

    Your knitterly hands work so quickly that I had to rewind and rewatch the clip of you three times just to understand what was going on! Amazing!! Would you tell us sometime what your secrets are for superfast knitting?

  11. frecklegirl jess

    Oh man, that is too funny. I love how in the comments for the video there is this long discussion on whether the dishcloth shown is crocheted. hehe


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