I hate doing this, but…

Well, shit. There’s another problem with the B-Side pattern, concerning the placement of the cable on the left front (obviously important, no?). It works out fine numbers-wise, but in some of the sizes the underarm decreases eat into the side of the cable pattern, which was not my intention.

So I’ve re-jiggered the numbers for cable placement as follows:

“…work 2×2 Ribbing over 13 [13, 17, 17, 17]{21, 21, 25, 29, 29} stitches, place marker, work Row 2 of Ensign’s Braid Cable Chart over following 18 stitches (increasing to 24 stitches), place marker, work remaining 18 [22, 18, 22, 26]{26, 26, 30, 30, 38} stitches in 2×2 Ribbing.”

(If you have the pattern that should make sense.) Please note if you’ve already been knitting awawy, that the previously published numbers WILL work for all sizes (resulting in the correct number of stitches) but you may need to work the underarm decreases right at the edge (not k2 at the edge) and that the shaping may cut into the cable section.

So re-sending out it is. Unfortunately since it’s a big file (2MB) it takes a few minutes to send to each person – so it’s going to take a few hours! I would consider writing up and sending out an errata sheet only, or just a copy of the page where these numbers are changed, but then I know that people would file it separately and maybe forget to print that extra page when they go to work the pattern!

It may be several hours before the updated file reaches you – if you haven’t received the file by tomorrow, please check your junk mail filters and let me know. The file has been updated on Ravelry, but unfortunately they haven’t gotten to the feature where you can download an updated file yet!

I’m so sorry!







3 responses to “I hate doing this, but…”

  1. Debbie Avatar

    I love that sweater, and it’s on my list to make. I haven’t started it yet, so I’m glad to know of the errata!

  2. bekala Avatar

    No need for the extra apologies–you’ve been so conscientious about posting errata all along. Besides, isn’t the recounting and ripping part of the whole knitting adventure?

  3. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Oh, you poor thing! What a pain. I haven’t started mine yet–it’s on my list for fall knitting–so no need for apologies here.

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