i get lots done when i’m s’posed to be studying

I uh, adjusted my thinking on the steeking of the fiery bolero. as you may recall, the sleeves turned out too long, so I was going to do some surgery involving crochet steeks. Which would’ve been a really elegant solution, I think.


A big ol’ hem. And no ribbing necessary, so I didn’t sew it up as much as I would’ve steeked off. Yes, it’s a bit bulky, yes it’s well, really not all that great. But I don’t have the mental energy right now spend working on it! I’ve only done the one hem, I’ll do the other one and the body ribbing after I’m done exams.

In other news…Saturday night I decided to make my grandma a tam (I also decided to just buy my grandpa some scotch and be done with it). I cast on with some Mission Falls from the stash, knit the band and a bit more that night, then spent pretty much all yesterday knitting the rest. I used Ann Budd’s book, and I remembered that Aven had some trouble with the same pattern. She resolved it by decreasing every row rather than every other, so I decided to let her experience be my guide.

As you can see, it’s a bit wonky – I know it’s supposed to be flat, and it’s really not. But I think it’s a perfectly fine hat nevertheless. My grandma’s more of just pull-it-on rather than the whole jauntily-tilted thing anyway.

Three gifts are already out the house (the wine and cozy, gauntlets, and robot #2, which I finished seaming directly before it had to be wrapped and therefore I didn’t get a photo) and I think I’m quite on track! Just the bolero, a bit of seaming on Pasha, and the bottoms of the felted clogs left to do.

So I worked on the Urban Aran.

It’s super long and skinny, but I’m gonna need some of that length to convert to width when I block!

One last thing – I managed to dye some hankies in a colourway I love so much I just had to show it (and it’s even more vibrant in real life):

Definitely reproducing this in wool and doing up some thick and thin. Or maybe sock yarn. Who knows!



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5 responses to “i get lots done when i’m s’posed to be studying”

  1. Dani Avatar

    Everything looks great Laura!

  2. Areli Avatar

    Wow! The silk hankies are gorgeous.

  3. Jill Avatar

    I think the tam looks just fine.

  4. alison Avatar

    I’m glad to see your Urban Aran is long and skinny, too, Laura! It’s reassuring to me. :)

  5. Kelly Avatar

    Wow, that Aran is looking gorgeous.

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