I’ve been awfully hyper today. And I haven’t taken anything, or even had a coffee, honest. :) Maybe it was saying I was going to finish an assignment tonight (due Wednesday) and actually finishing it! Yippee!

Ahem. I’m really, really close to being done the red and black sweater. I’ve got about 5 inches to go on each sleeve, but they’re just straight stockinette and then ribbing on less than 50 stitches, so I might even get it done tonight. Then I gotta get around to weaving in the ends and everything…I’m hoping to wear it to SnB on Wednesday, but I don’t know if I’ll get around to washing it (and having it be dry) by then. Perhaps just a light blocking rather than a washing.

I’ve decided to start the Monk’s travel satchel, out of Naturelle 8/8. I’m going to work at a tight gauge, and machine wash and dry the pieces before I sew up so that they’ll be maximally dense. Plus it’s something I can always take to work on during classes – 74″ of seed stitch, here I come.

Oh, I finally got around to aligning my banner with the rest of the page so it looks a little better. Changed some font colours and such while I was at it, but I’m still not sure. Things might change around here still.






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