how I learned to knit

I received a lovely email from Beth, suggested that I write about how I learned to knit. Since I got nothin’ with the progress pics, how about now?

I first learned from my cousin, when I was about 12. She was a very prolific knitter – I still have a sweater my sister got for Christmas one year, pink with snowflakes on the front. Thinking about it now, I can’t believe she knit sweaters for presents..

Anyway, I learned on a car trip to Stratford. I learned the long-tail cast on and the knit stitch, and away I went. I think I went and bought some acrylic from Lewiscraft – cream, red, brown, to make a scarf with blocks of colour. I eventually finished it, and it was huuuuuuuge. Rip rip rip.

I picked it back up in November 2003. I have this big book on needlecrafts that I consulted – and I learned to purl! I was on my way! First project: a ribbed scarf. Next couple of projects: scarves for my 2 sisters and boyfriend for Christmas, and a kitty ear hat.

I discovered the internet community early – and am I ever glad I did! I found out about blogs, knitty, yarn stores, fancy yarn, everything. I discovered lettuce knit in time for the boxing day sale (I bought my Denise set!) and everything just went from there.

First garmet? Sonnet, from knitty, and then Banff, and then Topsecret. Sonnet and Banff are ripped, and Topsecret went into my Dulaan box. First fancy yarn thing was Stephannie’s Silk Garden Beanie, and my first double pointed needles project…fingerless mitts out of koigu! Somewhere in there, I taught myself to knit continentally.

Obviously I got into the more high-end yarns pretty quick, but I also discovered Elann and shopping online, plus then I got my job at lettuce knit and was paid in yarn for awhile.

I’m so glad I discovered all this, and that the online community, as well as my lettuce knit community, is so supportive. Maybe too supportive, going by how much yarn I have!

There you have it! Now, back to some knitting…






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