Houston and Back

We flew to Houston on Friday for my cousin Lisa’s wedding on Saturday, then came home on Sunday. It was quite a whirlwind! There was some nice sky above the clouds on the flight, but alas it was pretty grey and gloomy on the ground the whole time. No sunshine!

good sky

The outdoor ceremony was a bit cold and windy, but it was short and sweet. It was a good party.

at the altar


We cleaned up pretty nice. (Don’t worry Sue, I’ll get you a copy!)


(I’m wearing my Cerasus shawl.)

Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of knitting in – when flying I tend to nap versus actually doing anything else, and driving around with my mum I needed to be the navigator! I did separate the sleeves on a new top-down design (using a crochet hook, because I didn’t want to put needles in my carry-on!).

a yoke

And I put in a little time on a second iteration of my knitting-that-looks-like-crochet cowl. Tosh Chunky in Modern Fair Isle – I had hoped it would have more pops of other colours in there, it’s mostly orange and brown!

more faux granny

Now comes the December rush to get all the baking, shopping, and knitting done!



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4 responses to “Houston and Back”

  1. Deb L. Avatar
    Deb L.

    You look beautiful ~ plus, love your shawl! :)

  2. Leslieann Avatar

    The sweater looks exciting! BTW, I fly regularly, knitting away on metal circular needles. I’ve never had a problem!

  3. Cheryl Avatar

    Love your shawl, that’s a great picture of the two of you!
    Also, like Leslieann above, I’ve never run into any issues carrying on knitting or assorted notions. Recently have been flying about 1/week between Toronto & Raleigh for work and have had metal circs, darning needles & even thread snips in my carry on and not even had security pull them out to take a look.

  4. Sue Avatar

    YAY! ; ) xoxo

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