holed up

I’m panicking a bit about the TWO exams I have this week – one Thursday night and the other Friday afternoon. But pictures of the Frolic goodies shall come soon, promise!

…and of course, I’m knitting along with the studying. It helps, really.






11 responses to “holed up”

  1. pamela wynne Avatar

    hang in — no matter what, you’ll be done on Friday!

  2. susie Avatar

    Knitting along with studying is better than knitting instead of studying…. especially when you realize you are using the wrong size needles… whoops. Good luck with exams!

  3. Nadia Lewis Avatar

    You’re so close! You can do it!

  4. Kathy Avatar

    Keep on going — you’re almost done!

  5. Leigh Avatar

    Don’t panic. Knitting will always be here and so will we! Good luck!

  6. Linda in Waterloo Avatar
    Linda in Waterloo

    Studius Maximus!

  7. Amy Avatar

    Good luck. Just think how great it will feel on Friday evening.

  8. Val Avatar

    I swear by the plastic contraptions that keep my books open on my lap leaving my hands free… I agree, knitting *totally* helps!!

  9. Rebecca Green Avatar

    Good luck on finals! I am on the first day of my two days of law school finals, two exams, right in a row! You can do it! I am unfortunately, not knitting through the studying, I wish I was!

  10. Sulafaye Avatar

    Knitting and studying really does work (just not lace)! I can’t imagine being in school without knitting. I find that if my hands are already occupied, my mind is then free to concentrate on what I’m reading, instead of being antsy.

    You’re going to do great! Knitters are smart are resourceful people.

  11. Kelly Avatar

    Good luck with your exams! I am constantly amazed by how productive you are, and how you keep it all going…

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