So for some plain stockinette, I started a sleeve of the Cable/Rib sweater.

Those of you with sharp eyes may be able to see a problem (although it’s not really all that clear)…

This photo was taken with the ribbing aligned with the edge of my desk and the bottom of the frame. See how the stockinette veers off to the left? The yarn is overspun enough that I’m getting biasing! Argh, argh. I started the other sleeve with another ball, to see if it was just this one, but it’s twisty too. And I tried knitting a few rows from the other end of the ball, as per megan h.’s suggestion, but that didn’t do anything either.

And I don’t want to scrap the project or anything. I think I’ll press on with this sleeve and see what I can get out of the blocking.

But still.

P.S. Yarn is Shelridge Farms W4, which was looking to be a perfect yarn until this!

7 Responses to “hmmmmm.”

  1. alice

    wow, its really interesting that it does that. annoying, but interesting!

    good luck with blocking

  2. Jayme

    You can try unspinning it a bit using your wheel. I’ve never tried this with commercial yarn but It has worked for over spun hand spun.

  3. KnitPasatis

    Your right, you can’t see it from a distance. If it were me, I would just keep on knitting it just like it is. It wouldn’t stop me from wearing it.

  4. Julia

    I agree with KnitPasatis, it’s not too noticeable…maybe consider keepin’ on. That’s weird though, I’ve never heard of such a thing. You would think commercial yarn makers would be able to avoid something like this.

  5. Eve

    Why do you think it does that? By overspun, do you mean that there’s too much rotation per inch?

  6. alison

    Oh no — Shelridge Farms W4 is so lovely, too! And I have to be honest, Laura: I can see it in the faraway photo. I’m not saying it’s terrible, but it’s… there.


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