I think I f-ed up the eyelet pattern on the back of Jenna. I was stupid and followed the pattern instead of doing what I think it should be.

The first row of the eyelet pattern reads: k2, yo, SKP, knit across to last 4 sts, SKP, yo, k2. Fine. Then there are increases every 8th row on each end of the WS row. But instead of keeping the eyelets in a straight vertical line, I still followed the k2 at the beginning and end of the eyelet rows, so the eyelets slant along the increases. In the picture it looks like there is a fixed distance between the center and side eyelets on the front, even though there are increases on the front as well – which leads me to believe that I didn’t do the back properly.

Oh well. I’ll do the front, and if the slanty eyelets on the back still bug me, I’ll frog and reknit the back – it’s only 12″ anyway.






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