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Survey is closed. Thanks to everyone that participated!

So. As most (or all) of you know, I’m a university student at the moment – I go to the University of Toronto, and am double majoring in biology and linguistics (yeah, I know). One of the courses I’m taking right now is “Canadian English”, a linguistics course taught by Jack Chambers – he’s THE GUY where Canadian linguistics is concerned.

When I spoke to him about my research paper topic, I said I had a knitting blog (he said: “wow! really?”) and suggested that it might be a good way to get some data.

So here we are! Please please PLEASE help me out and take my survey! It’s a bit long looking, but the questions are easy, I swear. Canadians and Americans are welcome, although I really to want to emphasize native Canadian English speakers. None of your identifying information will be used.

You can copy and paste this into an email to me, or answer in the comments!

THANKS! And get the word out if you can!

…oh, and did I mention, there might even be a random draw for tokens of my appreciation…but that’s not why you’ll help out, right? ;)

Please answer all questions as you would speak in casual conversation.

LIN201 Survey

Sex: __________________

Education (all that apply): ___________________________
grades 1-8
grades 9-12
community college
(Quebec) Grades 1-6
(Quebec) sec 1-5
(Quebec) CEGEP 1-3

Age: _________
over 80

Your Occupation: __________________________
Your birthplace: Where were you born? _____________
Where do you live now? ______________________
Where were you raised from ages 8 to 18? _______________
Where was your father born? _____________________
What is/was your father’s occupation? _______________
Where was your mother born? ____________________
What is/was your mother’s occupation? ________________

How often do you use English? Choose from: always, often, seldom, never

At home: ___________
At work: ___________
With your friends: ___________
With your relatives: ___________


For the following question, please look at the picture and write down your response. Please answer this question before continuing onto the rest of the survey. Please answer with what you would normally use in casual conversation, NOT what you think you “should” say.
1. What would you call this: _______________________________

(Photo from

2. With regards to the picture above, how would you rate your use of the following:
always, often, sometimes, rarely, never

line: ___________
lineup (line-up): ___________
queue: ___________
checkout: ___________
cash: ___________
other (please specify): _______________________________

3. Please fill in the following, using what you would normally use, NOT what you think you “should” use:

a. We were _______ line for fifteen minutes.
b. We had to ____________ in line to talk to the administrator.
c. There was a huge ________________ at the bank. (any of the choices from question 2)
d. There was a huge ________________ at the grocery store. (any of the choices from question 2)

4. What would you call this: _______________________

(Photo from


Email me with your answers or leave it in the comments!

Thanks again!






16 responses to “help a gal out”

  1. --Deb Avatar

    Okay, coming to you via e-mail!

  2. RachelH Avatar

    Emailed you. Also, I would be quite interested in your findings. The other languages spoken at work are Spanish, Nguar and a little bit of Chinese

  3. maryse Avatar

    i’m not doing the survey since i’m an american. but if you’d like me to, i will.

  4. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    Emailed. Pretty cool actually, I found myself remembering that both my mother and grandmother would have made different choices from mine, but I don’t think my Dad would have.

  5. maggieBB Avatar

    done and done!

  6. Michelle Avatar

    Done, emailed!

  7. Georgiana Avatar

    On its way by email!

  8. gray la gran Avatar

    i did your survey, it’s being emailed. i probably don’t qualify, so i’m going to forward it to my girlfriend in toronto.

  9. Delia Avatar

    Sent… I was a Ling. major too so I can completely relate.

  10. Deborah Avatar

    emailing my survey response to you.

  11. lisa Avatar

    I’ll email you my response as well

  12. kris Avatar

    so cool that you can use your blog as a data resource! where was my knitting blog eight years ago when i needed english-speaking informants?

  13. Betty Avatar

    Survey emailed today

  14. Elspeth Avatar

    Another linguistics major here so I’d better send you one too!

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