Heat Wave

It’s really, really freaking hot out there this week – here in Toronto it’s always terribly humid in the summer, and the highs with the humidex this week are over 40C/104F! Luckily I’ve got lots of iced coffee and AC at home (mostly; it’s a long story) so it’s not too bad. I’ve also got some super secret deadline knitting to do, so I’m trying to keep my sewing-for-me to the evenings.

quilt sandwich-ing

The extra fabric to finish off Dale’s quilt arrived yesterday, so I was able to put together the last solid strip and get it all sandwiched up. Can’t wait to start quilting it!

wiksten #2 in progress

My Wiksten tank is coming along – still needs its armhole facings and a hem.

Finally washing some fabrics from the textile museum sale.

Finally got around to washing some fabrics from the Textile museum sale – the quilting cottons had obviously been washed before, but I put them through anyway since who knows how long they were stored.

I’ve recently learned that the Toronto Public Library has free issues of some awesome current magazines available for download to digital devices with no time limit! You need an account, but since I set it up I’ve downloaded and read lots, including some fashion-y ones, cooking magazines and quilting magazines! I read a tip in “American Patchwork & Quilting” about organizing sewing stuff in a cutlery tray, and it just so happened that I had an extra one and a need for more sewing organization.

some sewing organization

some sewing organization

I finally cleaned up some of my sewing stuff and now I can actually see what colours of thread and such I have! For someone who hasn’t sewn much in the last few years I sure have a lot of thread and notions. I have a LOT of zippers (most of which I put away in a clear box). Next up is tidying my fabric scraps into strips and small squares – I have a couple of nice big jars to put them in.







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  1. Sarah V. Avatar

    The cutlery tray for organizing notions is such an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

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