happy new year!

One last FO of 2005:

The Urban Aran! I finished sewing in the zipper about ten minutes before midnight! Sorry the pictures are dark; it was the middle of the night afterall.

Urban Aran
Pattern: Patons “Street Smart” booklet
Yarn: Elann Highland Chunky, “Redwood”, 15 skeins
Needles: Denise US 9
Finished: December 31, 2005

Notes: I love, love, LOVE this sweater – the nice squishy yarn (which also softened a lot with a Eucalan soak), the lovely ribs and cables, the zipper! I modified the sweater into a cardi by just splitting the front piece into two, and added a three-stitch selvege to the fronts for the zipper. I also changed the collar to just 2×2 rib rather continuing the back and front cables up. The seaming was pretty easygoing, actually, even though it was a lot of seaming in reverse stockinette.

I think it just might be my new favourite sweater – easy to wear, and nice and warm!

Here you can see the great cabling on the sleeve.

The laid-out-flat shot.

Wishing you all a safe, happy, and knitterly new year!






31 responses to “happy new year!”

  1. carole Avatar

    ooooh, those are some gorgeous cables!! happy New Year!

  2. Betsy Avatar

    I love it! I am not really into cables, etc, but the pattern is so great. I didn’t know Patons could be so cool :)

  3. jacqueline Avatar

    it is just gorgous! like betsy i didn’t think patons patterns were that great until i saw think little number.

  4. lyn Avatar

    Happy New Year! The jacket is absolutely beautiful and it does look very cosy :)

  5. lisa Avatar

    Wow Laura – it is a beautiful sweater. Congrats on finishing one more sweater before starting 2006. Happy New Year.

  6. Roxanne Avatar

    Gorgeous! Nice job and Happy New Year!

  7. Chris Avatar

    It’s gorgeous. Dang it, now I want to knit one for myself. Happy New Year!

  8. jody Avatar

    beautiful! it looks so cozy. great way to kickoff the new year!

  9. Wanda Avatar

    The sweater really looks great! Congratulations on another successful knit!

  10. ivete Avatar

    It’s gorgeous! Congrats!!!

  11. Elli Avatar

    I love it! Just one more to add to the list of sweaters I covet :) Have a happy new year!

  12. Karma Avatar

    Somehow, the pictures of Urban Aran lying flat don’t inspire me. But the cables and lines really are flattering on you! It’s gorgeous! Well done. Happy New Year!

  13. brenda in toronto Avatar

    Delurking again to say ‘WOW’! That sweater is a beaut! (And great minds think alike – we both apparently shop at IKEA – I have the same bed linens and night table!!) Happy New Year!

  14. Suzuko Avatar

    Amazing!! You never cease to amaze me with your productivity (do you take breaks to eat and sleep?) and your thought process (great decisions in altering patterns). What is your secret? Any tips for speed(I knit continental style)?I wish I could knit like you! Do you have any tips for me?
    Just in case you don’t know, there is a KAL for one of your sweater patterns in the craftster forums, YAY! Happy New year! -Suzuko

  15. Areli Avatar

    Gorgeous sweater. Very flattering, too.

  16. Stacey Avatar

    It looks great! I can’t wait until my copy of the pattern gets here. Do you mind if I ask what size you made? I’m wondering if I have enough yarn. I have about 19 skiens of the peruvian chunky but I think I’m a little more chunky than you are *smile* Congrats!

  17. lisa Avatar

    I was eyeing that pattern a while ago, I may have to buy it after seeing yours. It looks great, I love the cardigan modification.

  18. Penny Avatar

    Wow.. All of your sweaters are Georgeous!!!
    I do LOVE LOVE the Urban Aran also!!!

    Great Work!!!

  19. Siri Avatar

    Oh, it’s beautiful on you. I’ll have to give that pattern book another look. More than just the Must Have, I see. Great modification. I think that that really MAKES the sweater.

  20. Colleen Avatar

    It is beautiful! I especially like the side chevrons. Good inspiration!

  21. grumperina Avatar

    Beautiful! Congratulations on another fabulous knit!

  22. holly Avatar

    very nice! Great color also: it looks warm and comfy!

  23. Julia Avatar

    Beautiful!!! I love that color. What cool, unique cables, love it!

  24. Melissa Avatar

    Wow – so cute! Your productivity amazes me! Happy New Year!

  25. Steph Avatar

    Oh! My mole vision first saw it as a very low v-neck sweater, which I just might have to make. It looks great, very unique!

  26. Elizabeth Avatar

    Beautiful! That was a turtleneck sweater in the book, wasn’t it? It was just dying to be a cardigan – great job.

  27. carolyn h in ct Avatar
    carolyn h in ct

    absolutely wonderful. great job!!!

  28. Gale Avatar

    That’s a really attractive sweater. Love the colour.

  29. Eilene Avatar

    Beautiful!!! I have to check that pattern out. You looks fabulous in it!

  30. Elizabeth Avatar

    I started this cardigan and noticed the gauge was off from the finished measurements in the schematics. Did you have any problems with the sizing?

  31. […] Paton’s Urban Aran (Zippered Cardiganized Version) in ? (Elann Peruvian Highland Wool?) (After seeing one online in Elann Peruvian Highland Wool I was sold on this sweater. Maybe I’ll make it in gray or black, since most the yarn I already own is purple or blue, it limits what I can wear under the sweater. It looks like a really nice fall sweater, for when I’m not quite ready to break out the pea coat.) […]

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