happy birthday to me

Silk Ribbed Corset
Pattern: by Annie Modesitt
Yarn: Madil Eden, colour “mocha”, 100% bamboo, 5 skeins
Needles: Denise US6
Started: July 21, 2005
Finished: July 30, 2005

Notes: I had some problems with the pattern and its format, but it all worked out in the end. I emailed Annie about an updated revised copy, but never got a reply – but that could be due to some weirdness with my email. I still had problems with chart F even following the revised copy. Let’s see, what else…oh. I couldn’t figure out the icord cast on, so I did a normal loop cast on and it worked fine. And I just didn’t do the crochet edging – I wore the top today and it was fine, so that’s that!

Look, look, what I got for my birthday from my boy:

An oak umbrella swift!


And he’s all mine. Heh. I thought I’d taken pictures of birthday acquisitions, but it would appear not. Tomorrow. Now I must sleep.



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19 responses to “happy birthday to me”

  1. lyn Avatar

    Happy Birthday! And your corset looks fantastic… really nice colour :-) What an awesome gift you have there, he’s a keeper!

  2. Dani Avatar

    Happy Birthday Laura. The corset looks great!

  3. Jill Avatar

    Hey Laura, the corset top looks FANTASTIC. And maybe we can just share your boyfriend…I could use a swift….and someone to re-tile my bathroom floor and….well, I’m sure I can think of other household handy things that need to be done!

  4. grumperina Avatar

    Happy birthday, what a lovely gift! Your top looks beautiful, you did a great job with it :).

  5. Christine Avatar

    Wow! Looks Great. Happy Birthday. Looks like the boy is a keeper :)

  6. Aven Avatar

    Happy Birthday! The top looks wonderful, as does the swift. That was quick work — wasn’t he measuring for it on Wednesday?

  7. Libby Avatar

    Happy Birthday! I love the corset. And your boyfriend…MADE…THAT??? I’m speechless, you lucky girl!

  8. Julie Avatar

    What a creative duo you make–2 works of art in record time. Happy birthday again, Laura! I saw the yogurt container in the picture and thought, hey, she eats the same yogurt I do. Then I remembered the lemon cake that was being housed inside it.

  9. Briana Avatar

    Happy birthday! Hope it was a good one – at least you got a cool gift from a crafty boy!!

  10. lynette Avatar

    happy birthday, laura! your corset looks great!

  11. Wanda Avatar

    Happy, Happy Birthday! That’s such a sweet thing your bf made for you. And your corset top is awesome. Fits like a glove and it’s a good thing!

  12. Alexandra Avatar

    Happy birthday! Beautiful corset. I love the color, it makes it look like elegant antique underwear.

  13. Siri Avatar

    Beautiful! The top AND the swift! Happy birthday. i love the COLOR of the corset, too.

  14. Brooke Avatar

    The corset top looks beautiful! Now if only I could convince my hubbie to make ME a swift.

  15. Deb Avatar

    Happy, happy birthday!!

  16. naomi Avatar

    The corset looks wonderful! Very nice job, and happy birthday.

  17. alison Avatar

    Wow! A handcrafted swift! How’d he do that? Did he just make it up, or is there a woodworking pattern (or whatever they call their instructions) for it somewhere? My sweetie bought me an antique swift – beautiful, but not so useful. He’d make me one if I could tell him how – he’s never even seen an umbrella style swift to figure it out.
    Your corset is gorgeous too!

  18. amy/squib Avatar

    he made that swift? that’s GORGEOUS! the top is likewise gorgeous…looks great on you!

  19. Eilene Avatar

    Wow…that is one gorgeous sexy top! Fabulous job. I love the fit!

    Hope you had a great Birthday!

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