We went up to my parents’ house in North York for a family birthday lunch – my 2 sisters and I all have our birthdays in August. Mmmmm, tiramisu cake!

madelinetosh prairie

I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday, so I spent most of the day in bed with a book. If you’re into sci-fi, I loved the Spin series from Robert Charles Wilson! I borrowed the books from the Toronto Public Library system and read them on my ipad. I think I might need to get a new e-reader, as I gave my old (and crunchy from iced tea being spilled on it…) one to my little sister. Does OverDrive work well on Kindle? Kobo? It’s pretty annoying to use even on the ipad!

Why hello, peach cobbler!

We made this peach cobbler last night and it is very yummy indeed. The recipe was interesting to me because you get a bit of a head start in baking the peaches – you mix them with sugar and lemon and cornstarch, but then bake them naked (without a topping) for 10 minutes before putting the topping on. Yum. I think it would be really awesome with plums, too.



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7 responses to “Happenings”

  1. Elaina Avatar

    II have an older Kindle model with eInk, which I absolutely love. Overdrive works wonderfully with Kindle. When you check the book out it routes the download through Amazon, so you can manage all the books you’ve borrowed right through your Amazon account. So much easier than trying to transfer it through the Overdrive software.

  2. millie Avatar

    Only 30 and you’ve accomplished so much! Love your patterns.

  3. Amy Avatar

    I have a Nook and I use Overdrive on it all the time. I love it!

  4. Emma Avatar

    Happy birthday!

  5. Liz Avatar

    I have a Kobo, and I adore it – I’m on my fourth (I keep upgrading when new Kobos come out, even though my previous one still works.) I do have to download my library (TPL Overdrive) ebooks on my computer and then load them onto the Kobo through Adobe Digital Editions, but I don’t find it an issue at all.

  6. Stephanie Avatar

    Happy belated! Congratulations on making it out of your 20s in one piece. :)

  7. Rycrafty Avatar

    I got a Kobo, because from what I could tell while researching, I wouldn’t be able to get library books from my library on a Kindle (I wanted the text-print type model though, not the colour screen tablet-like models, I don’t know if that makes a difference).

    I’m not sure if the library problem was because of my (Calgary) library, because I’m in Canada in general, or if it has been resolved by more recent Kindles.

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