Preface: I was pretty darn good on my pre-Rhinebeck yarn/fibre diet. I can’t really remember the last time I bought yarn before the KW fair, but it was at least a month before. And then there was KW, and nothing between that and Rhinebeck. So….I may have gone a little crazynuts.

There was so much to look at! I felt really rushed (and poor). I wanted to be able to look at everything closely, and doesn’t everyone just want to buy everything they like? At any rate I ended up with a lot of great stuff (but there was more I missed that I wanted! ah, well, that’s what internet shopping is for I suppose). Onward!

Two skeins of super soft merino/alpaca from Still River Mill. They also had CVM yarn that was awesome! I wanted to buy more but they didn’t take credit cards. Each skein is 200 yards, so it’s enough to do something nice with.

Five skeins from Briar Rose. Chunky weight, wool and flax. Awesome colours and flecks! I’m thinking a fast and easy top-down pulli.

“Hawthorn” is the name of the sheep! This Romney was a steal, and I bought a sweater’s worth. One bag is different, a bit darker, because there weren’t three bags of Hawthorn – I’m going to do a three ply with one of the plies being darker.

From Spirit Trail, 2 oz of the softest Polwarth/Alpaca/Angora, some merino/tencel, and some silk/camel. Yum.

From Carolina Homespun, 2 x bombyx silk, the blue/gren is tussh, and the skein on the right is merino/tussah. The braid on the left is merino/silk from a vendor in building 22 called Abi’s Web.

Oooh, shiny.

Batts from Grafton.

I also bought (but didn’t take a photo of, for some reason) some red “merino multi” and a Blue Moon sheep 2 shoe kit from The Fold.

And a jar of awesome champagne-honey mustard, but it has gotten lost! I remember having it at the hotel and packing it into one of my fibre bags, but it’s gone AWOL. No one else from the car has it so…I guess I’m outta luck. I’m lucky it wasn’t a more expensive item!






10 responses to “goodies”

  1. Jen Avatar

    Wow you got some great fiber!!! I’m drooling of course :)

  2. Kathy Avatar

    Great, great stuff!!

  3. gleek Avatar

    wow, look at all the pretty fiber you got at rhinebeck! i’m sure it’s going to lend itself to great knits.

  4. Robin Avatar

    Awesome haul! Love the Briar Rose skeins!

  5. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    Amazing. I mean, I was there, I watched you shop, I saw the bags, I saw how much physical space they took up in the car, and I’m still amazed. And desperate for Briar Rose to get their online store going again!

  6. Jenna Avatar

    Oooh, I love everything you picked out! Looking at everyone else’s purchases, I feel like I missed a lot of great booths. Oh well :) enjoy it all!

  7. not an artist Avatar

    Mmmmm yarny… great stuff! And it sounds like you all had a great time too :)

  8. Stephanie Avatar

    Seriously skilled shopping there. Seriously.

  9. Cheryl Avatar

    You got some good stuff! I resisted the bombyx silk at the Carolina Homespun booth, but now I regret it. I’m headed over to their website to get some.

  10. sarah Avatar

    I wanted to ask- you said you bought a sweater’s worth of roving… as a new spinner I was wondering about how much that would be?

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